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Matric Part 2 Class 10th physics Notes Urdu Medium

Matric Part 2 Class 10th physics notes urdu medium by Bilal Articles

باب نمبر10: سمپل هارمونک موشن اینڈ ویوز

The exploration begins with Chapter 10, which introduces the fascinating realms of Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves. Students delve into oscillatory motion, resonance, and the characteristics of waves, including amplitude, frequency, and wavelength. Understanding these fundamental concepts is crucial for unraveling the mysteries of energy transfer through various mediums.

باب نمبر11: ساؤنڈ 

Sound, a ubiquitous and captivating phenomenon, takes center stage in Chapter 11. From the propagation of sound waves to the principles of resonance and the nature of musical instruments, students explore the science behind auditory experiences. This chapter lays the foundation for comprehending the physics of communication through sound.

باب نمبر12: جیومیٹریکل آپٹکس

Chapter 12 shifts the focus to the study of light and its interactions with lenses and mirrors in Geometrical Optics. Students delve into the principles of reflection, refraction, and image formation. Understanding the behavior of light rays is essential for applications ranging from eyeglasses to the design of optical instruments.

باب نمبر13: الیکٹروسٹیٹکس

The study of electric charges and their interactions kicks off in Chapter 13 – Electrostatics. From Coulomb’s Law to electric fields and potential, students explore the foundational concepts that govern static electricity. This chapter sets the stage for comprehending the principles of electric circuits and the flow of current.

باب نمبر14: کرنٹ الیکٹریسٹی

Building upon electrostatics, Chapter 14 delves into the dynamic world of Current Electricity. Students explore the principles of Ohm’s Law, electrical resistance, and the behavior of circuits. Understanding current electricity is essential for the design and analysis of electronic devices and systems.

باب نمبر15: الیکٹرومیگنیٹزم

Chapter 15 introduces the powerful connection between electricity and magnetism in Electromagnetism. Students explore electromagnetic induction, Faraday’s Law, and the behavior of magnetic fields. This chapter lays the groundwork for understanding the principles behind motors, generators, and various electromagnetic devices.

باب نمبر16: بنيادى اليكترونكس

Basic Electronics, the focus of Chapter 16, takes students deeper into the world of electronic components, circuits, and devices. From transistors to amplifiers, this chapter provides the essential knowledge needed for the design and operation of electronic systems.

باب نمبر17: انفارمیشن اینڈ کمیونیکیشن ٹیکنالوجی

As technology continues to advance, Chapter 17 explores the intersection of physics and information technology. Students learn about the principles underlying communication systems, digital signals, and the transmission of information. This chapter is integral to understanding the backbone of modern communication technologies.

اب نمبر18: اٹامک اینڈ نیوکلیئر فزکس

The journey concludes with Chapter 18, delving into the mysteries of the microscopic world in Atomic and Nuclear Physics. Students explore the structure of atoms, nuclear reactions, and the applications of nuclear technology. This chapter provides a profound understanding of the forces and interactions at the heart of matter.

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