Chemistry class 10thClass Matric Part 2 Notes

Matric Part 2 Class 10th Chemistry Notes Urdu Medium

Matric Part 2 Class 10th chemistry notes urdu medium by Bilal Articles

باب نمبر 9: کیمیکل ایکوی لبریم

The exploration begins with Chemical Equilibrium, a chapter that delves into the dynamic balance between reactants and products in a chemical reaction. Students learn about the principles of equilibrium constants, Le Chatelier’s principle, and factors influencing the equilibrium state. This chapter lays the groundwork for understanding how chemical systems reach a state of balance.

باب نمبر 10: ایسڈز، میسیز اور سائٹس

Chapter 10 focuses on the fundamentals of acid-base chemistry and the properties of salts. Students delve into the Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis definitions of acids and bases. Additionally, the chapter explores the pH scale, neutralization reactions, and the diverse roles acids, bases, and salts play in various chemical processes.

باب نمبر 11: آرگینک کیمسٹری

Organic Chemistry, often considered a cornerstone of the field, takes center stage in Chapter 11. Students journey through the vast world of carbon compounds, studying the structure, nomenclature, and reactions of organic molecules. This chapter introduces the diverse family of hydrocarbons, functional groups, and the significance of isomerism.

باب نمبر 12: ہائڈروکار بنز

Building upon the foundation laid in Organic Chemistry, Chapter 12 focuses specifically on hydrocarbons. From alkanes to alkynes and aromatic hydrocarbons, students explore the structures and properties of these fundamental compounds. Understanding hydrocarbons is crucial for grasping more advanced concepts in organic chemistry.

باب نمبر 13: بائیو کیمسٹری

Biochemistry bridges the gap between chemistry and biology, and Chapter 13 takes a closer look at the chemical processes occurring within living organisms. Topics include the structure and function of biomolecules such as proteins, nucleic acids, lipids, and carbohydrates. Students gain insights into the intricacies of cellular metabolism and the role of enzymes.

باب نمبر 14: الموسفیر

Shifting focus to environmental chemistry, Chapter 14 explores the composition and properties of the Earth’s atmosphere. Students learn about atmospheric gases, air pollutants, and the impact of human activities on air quality. Understanding the chemistry of the atmosphere is crucial for addressing environmental challenges and promoting sustainability.

باب نمبر 15: پانی

Water, essential for life, takes center stage in Chapter 15. This chapter delves into the chemical properties of water, solutions, and the importance of water in various chemical processes. Students explore topics such as water purification, water treatment, and the role of water in biological systems.

باب نمبر 16: کیمیکل انڈسٹریز

The final chapter, Chemical Industries, provides a broader perspective on the practical applications of chemistry in the industrial sector. Students gain insights into the manufacturing processes of various chemicals, including fertilizers, polymers, and pharmaceuticals. This chapter highlights the vital role chemistry plays in shaping industries and meeting societal needs.

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