English class 11th

1st year English: ch 13 God Be Praised

1st year English: chapter-13 (God Be Praised) important MCQs

1.Maulvi Abul Had slightly ______ eyes.

(A) slanting
(B) bulging☑️
(C) drooping

2.He wore ______ rings with large stones.

(B) gold
(C) platinum

3.His cotton bag contained 150 to ______ rupees collected from the devotees.

(A) 100
(B) 200☑️
(C) 300

4.The name of his first born child was ______.

(A) Zaibunnisa
(B) Mehrunnisa☑️
(C) Lutufunnisa

5.Ch. Fateh Dad was member of the District ______.

(A) Council
(B) Board☑️
(C) Bar

6.Shamim Ahmed was the ______ son of a Hafiz.

(A) eldest
(B) youngest
(C) only☑️

7.Maulvi Abul had saved ______ rupees only.

(A) 33
(B) 43☑️
(C) 53

8.The seven yards of silk that Shamim measured for Maulvi Abul was for ______ rupees.

(A) 142
(B) 42☑️
(C) 420

9.A few months after Mehrunisa’s marriage a ______ school was opened in the village.

(A) secondary
(B) middle
(C) primary☑️

10.All these years Maulvi Abul had ______ sources of inspiration.

(A) one
(B) two☑️
(C) three

11.Before his marriage. Maulvi Abdul Barkar used to live in ______.

(A) peace
(B) comfort☑️
(C) place
(D) poverty
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12.The sweet pungent smell of the oil lingered in the ______.

(A) bazaars
(B) village lanes☑️
(C)  city streets
(D) village houses

13.Maulvi abdul distributed 40 to 50 rupees in the presence of ______.

(A) worshippers☑️
(B) farmers
(C) people
(D) villagers

14.Once Chaudhary Fateh Dad reprimanded Maulvi Abul for a ______.

(A) sin
(B) rupee
(C) mistake☑️
(D) duty

15.Chaudhry Fateh Dad considered the daily gift to Maulvi Abdul a part of his daily ______.

(A) routine
(B) worship☑️
(C) work
(D) duty

16.The girls brought a small portion of sugar on bread on ______.

(A) Thursdays☑️
(B) Mondays
(C) Fridays
(D) Wednesdays

17.When Maulvi Abul went to inaugurate Shamim Ahmed’s shop, he had______.

(A) 41 rupees
(B) 42 rupees
(C) 44 rupees
(D) 43 rupees☑️

18.In the crowd, there was also a loudmouthed______.

(A) old hag☑️
(B) old man
(C) old witch
(D) old widow

19.Zaibunisa was conscious of the ever increasing ______. Of her husband.

(A) children
(B) injuries
(C) responsibilities☑️
(D) proceedings

20.With the passage of time, the appetites of the children______.

(A) increased☑️
(B) decreased
(C) diminished
(D) aggravated

21.Maulvi Abul had once opened his heart to Chaudhry Fateh Dad about ______ for Mehrunnisa.

(A) a suitable dowry
(B) a suitable residence
(C) a suitable job
(D) a suitable match☑️

22.Shamim Ahmad managed to open a small shop on a footpath where he began selling______.

(A) toys
(B) cut pieces☑️
(C) dresses
(D) machinery

23.“My purchase in the presence of the entire village may ______.”

(A) impress them
(B) suppress them
(C) depress them
(D) repress them☑️

24.A crowd assembled at Shamim Ahmed’s new shop ______.

(A) to buy cloth
(B) to watch the inaugural ceremony☑️
(C) to take a look
(D) as a gesture of good will

25.Who was Shamim Ahmad?

(A) son of a doctor
(B) son of a carpenter
(C) son of a Hafiz☑️
(D) son of a Chaudhary

26.What was the name of Maulvi Abul’s youngest daughter?

(A) Shamsun
(B) Umda☑️
(C) Zaibunnisa
(D) Mehrun

27.What did Maulvi Abul’s wife teach the girls of the village?

(A) The Holy Quran☑️
(B) cooking
(C) sewing
(D) Urdu

28.What did Maulvi Abul wear on his fingers?

(A) gold rings
(B) iron rings
(C) silver rings☑️
(D) brass rings

29.When Maulvi Abdul saw the bare feet of Umdatunisa, her started ______.

(A) smiling
(B) laughing
(C) weeping☑️
(D) caressing

30.Chaudhry Fateh Dad congratulated Maulvi Abul saying that his efforts proved ______.

(A) fruitful☑️
(B) futile
(C) vain
(D) impressive

31.Sometimes Maulvi Abul’s voice______.

(A) quivered☑️
(B)  hissed
(C) whistled
(D) shrilled

32.Maulvi Abul distributed 40 to 50 rupees among ______.

(A) the worshippers
(B) his poor relatives
(C) the needy and the poor☑️
(D) his disciples

33.Once Chaudhry Fateh Dad ______ Maulvi Abul for a mistake.

(A) corrected
(B) reprimanded☑️
(C) lauded
(D) protested

34.Leaving the shoe-maker’s shop Maulvi Abul ______ never to use the powdered tobacco that he loved.

(A) proposed
(B) pretended
(C) vowed☑️
(D) announced

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