English class 11th

1st year English: ch 10 A Mild Attack of Locusts

1st year English: chapter-10 (A Mild Attack of Locusts) important MCQs

1.Why did the cook boy run?

(A) to kill the insects
(B) to inform the landlady
(C) to summon the labourers☑️
(D) to see the locusts

2.Why did the houseboy run off to the store?

(A) to shut the door
(B) to collect any bit of metal☑️
(C) to cover the store
(D) to burn fire

3.Why did they throw wet leaves onto the fire?

(A) to make the smoke acrid and black☑️
(B) to burn the leaves
(C) to extinguish the fire
(D) to burn the insects

4.“And they neither went bankrupt nor got very rich” means that they were ______.

(A) hand to mouth
(B) enjoying a moderate living☑️
(C) just pulling on their lives
(D) penniless

5.How did the locusts attack the crops?

(A) one by one
(B) in swarms☑️
(C) in groups
(D) in formations

6.Why did the people beat the tin cans?

(A) to let the insects enjoy music
(B) to kill the insects
(C) to keep the insects away☑️
(D) to fill the cans with insects

7.What did the farmers do at the time of the attack?

(A) they ran away from the place.
(B) they took precautionary measures to keep the locusts away☑️
(C) they conversed with their crops
(D) they shut themselves in their houses

8.Locusts attacked in the area of ______.

(A) one mile
(B) fifty mi8les☑️
(C) ten miles
(D) hundred miles

9.What made the boughs of trees weighed to the ground?

(A) fruit
(B) birds
(C) locust☑️
(D) wind storm

10.How did the land look after the locusts had moved to the south?

(A)all green
(B) beautiful
(C) barren
(D) a devastated landscape☑️

11.What was Margaret watching?

(A) hills☑️
(B) smoke
(C) scene
(D) soil

12.Old smith had had his crop ______.

(A) irrigated
(B) ploughed
(C) eaten to the ground☑️
(D) attacked by locusts

13.What did the main swarm look like?

(A) a reddish veil
(B) a brown streak
(C) a dense black cloud☑️
(D) rust-coloured air

14.What is meant by “get the kettle going?”

(A) keep looking
(B) keep wasting time
(C) keep laughing
(D)  keep going☑️

15.Why was the main swarm looking for a place?

(A) to rest
(B) to grow
(C) to lay☑️
(D) to eat

16.They only beat the old ploughshare in the moments of ______.

(A) merriment
(B) celebration
(C) crisis☑️
(D) clamour

17.Tin cans were required to make ______.

(A) a noise☑️
(B) a plough
(C) a gong
(D) a fence

18.Over the countryside, the smoke was rising from ______.

(A) the farmlands
(B) myriads of fires☑️
(C) the houses
(D) myriads of grass

19.Between calls, Margaret stood watching the ______.

(A) labourers
(B) locust☑️
(C) hoppers
(D) trees

20.It was like a veldt fire when the air gets ______ with smoke.

(A) clotted
(B) thick☑️
(C) clear blue
(D) rust-coloured

21.Oppressive it was like the ______ of a storm.

(A) hail
(B) roaring
(C) heaviness☑️
(D) whirl

22.The main swarm was almost reaching to the ______.

(A) clouds
(B) moon
(C) sun☑️
(D) sky

23.The earth seemed to be moving because ______.

(A) Margaret felt giddy
(B) it was a perverted darkness
(C) locusts were crawling everywhere☑️
(D) the main swarm had blotted out the sum

24.Old Stephen ______ at the houseboy.

(A) fainted
(B) yelled☑️
(C) laughed
(D) murmured

25.Behind the reddish ______ in front, which was the advance guard of locusts, the main swarm showed.

(A) values
(B) curtain
(C) veils☑️
(D) cover

26.Locusts were going to be like lead weather from known on, always ______.

(B) swarming
(C) predictable
(D) imminent☑️

27.Margaret was trying to get used to the idea of ______ of lowest.

(A) three or four years☑️
(B) six or seven years
(C) eight or nine years
(D)one or two years

28.Locusts were ______ everywhere.

(A) crawling☑️
(B) jumping
(C) moving 
(D) hopping

29.It was like the darkness of a ______.

(A) veldt fire☑️
(B) bonfire
(C) burning
(D) wildfire

30.It was a ______ perverted darkness, for the sun was.

(A) rising
(B) setting
(C) blazing☑️
(D) going down

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