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First Year English Book-1 Lesson No. 13: God Be Praised Notes

First Year English Book-1 Lesson No. 13: God Be Praised Notes

Here are short and simple questions and answers for Lesson No. 13: “The Gift of the Magi” in the story “God Be Praised”:

Short an simple Questions and Answers

Q1: What was alias Abdul’s full name?

Ans. His full name was Moulvi Abdul Barkat.
Q2:What was his turban known as and where did it originally come from?

Ans. His turban was known as Mashadi Lungi, and it originally came from Mashhad in Iran.
Q3: What did he always carry with him?

Ans. He always carried a walking stick, a sort of scepter with hands of brass and gilt.
Describe Moulvi Abdul’s appearance?

Ans. Moulvi Abdul had slightly bulging eyes. He wore silver rings, used fragrant oil for hair, and also wore a turban.
Q4: How much did the Maulvi collect on every Eid?

Ans. Moulvi Abdul collected 150 to 200 rupees on every Eid.
Q5: How much was distributed among the needy and the poor?

Ans. He distributed 40 to 50 rupees among the needy and the poor.
Q6: What was the name of the member of the District Board where the Maulvi lived?

Ans. His name was Chaudhry Fatehdad.
Q7: What was the name of his wife?

Ans. The name of his wife was Zaibunnisa.
Q8: Write the name of the other two daughters.

Ans. Their names are Zabda and Shamsun.

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