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 1st year English: ch 9 The Foolish Quack

1st year English: chapter-9 (The Foolish Quack) important MCQs

1.Where did the travellers stay?

(A) in an inn
(B) in a haveli
(C) in a jungle
(D) under a clump of trees☑️

2.Why did the camel fall ill?

(A) by heatstroke
(B) a melon struck in its throat☑️
(C) by infection  
(D) by poison

3.What did the quack claim to cure?

(A) fever
(B) headache
(C) goiter☑️
(D) injury

4.What had happened to the throat of an old woman?

(A) infectious
(B) wounded
(C) swollen☑️
(D) paining

5.What punishment did the villagers propose on the death of the old woman?

(A) to pay the damages
(B) to dig her grave☑️
(C) to be persecuted
(D) to be imprisoned

6.How was the quack treated when he had dug the grave?

(A) honoured
(B) beaten well☑️
(C) rewarded
(D) fined

7.What was the effect of the punishment on the quack?

(A) uninfluenced☑️
(B) left the profession
(C) influenced
(D) returned disgusted

8.What was the condition the quack suggested before treating an old man?

(A) to lay the old man on the bed
(B) not to be compelled to dig the grave
(C) not to be made responsible for the death of the man☑️
(D) to have the fee first

9.Why did the quack return to the camel-men instead of continuing his profession?

(A) to befool them
(B) to enquire about the cause of death of an old woman
(C) to blame them☑️
(D) to get his luggage

10.Who was proved stupid?

(A) the camel-man
(B) the quack☑️
(C) the old woman
(D) a villager

11.The man shouldered his bundle and went to the next village, _________ that he was a doctor.

(A) offered
(B) pretended☑️
(C) protested
(D) bragged

12.He tied up the woman’s throat and struck the swollen part with so much force that the poor old creature _________ died.

(A) slowly
(B) hesitantly
(C) instantly☑️
(D) ultimately

18.The ground was so stiff and hard that he made but _________ progress.

(A) great
(B) rapid
(C) slow☑️
(D) no

14.“If you do not dig it,” said they, “before the king you shall go, and then you will be _________.”

(A) investigated
(B) slaughtered
(C) tried
(D) hanged☑️

15.Thus exhorted, the unfortunate man, laboured away with all his_________.

(A) expertise
(B) might☑️
(C) lethargy
(D) quickness

16.When the villagers saw that he had buried the victim of his _________ treatment, they beat him well and let him go.

(A) unfortunate
(B) hasty
(C) mistaken☑️
(D) devilish

17.How was a _________ old woman to stand the blow of a mallet?

(A) sturdy
(B) grievous
(C) stooping
(D) feeble☑️

18.The camel-man lifted a heavy stick, _________ with iron rings, and struck a camel.

(A) woven
(B) twisted
(C) bound☑️
(D) along

19.The stolid creature, _________ feeling the blow, merely moved a step or two forward.

(A) furiously
(B) scarcely☑️
(C) cordially
(D) inconveniently

20.He then struck the man himself a similar blow which _________ him to the earth like a log.

(A) weighed
(B) felled☑️
(C) bent
(D) fell

21.Who presented herself for cure in the first village?

(A) a boy
(B) and old man
(C)  a girl
(D) and old woman☑️

22.What did the foolish quack demand to cure the old woman?

(A) a melon
(B) a basket and a stick
(C) a hammer
(D) a blanket and a mallet☑️

23.The quack made a slow progress in digging because ________.

(A) the quack was weak
(B) the quack was old
(C) the quack was lazy
(D) the ground was stiff☑️

24.Who offered himself to the quack for treatment in the second village?

(A) a camel man
(B) and old man☑️
(C) and old woman
(D) a boy

25.What was the effect of the heavy sick on the camel?

(A) He fell down
(B) He ran away
(C) He moved a step or two☑️
(D) He died

26.What did the quack realize in the end?

(A) his treatment
(B) his fault☑️
(C) his trick
(D) his knowledge

27.What did the quack decide in the end?

(A) to kill himself
(B) to go with the camel men
(C) to be a doctor again
(D)  the melon broke☑️

28.What happened when the camel man struck the camel’s throat?

(A) the melon came out
(B) the camel died
(C) the camel ran away
(D) the melon broke☑️

29.What did the camel man hit the camel with?

(A) a heavy stick☑️
(B) a mallet
(C) a sword
(D) an axe

30.How did the foolish quack address the camel men?

(A) doctors
(B) wise men
(C) friends
(D) foolish men☑️

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