English class 11th

1st year English: ch 12 The Gift of The Magi

1st year English: chapter-12 (The Gift of The Magi) important MCQs

1.James Dillingham Youngs had two valuable things, ________.

(A) a house and a car
(B) TV and VCR
(C) a necklace and a clock
(D) Jim’s gold watch and Della’s hair☑️

2.Della’s hair was more beautiful than any ________.

(B) queen’s Jewels and gifts☑️
(C) palace
(D) scene

3.Della’s hair reached below her ________.

(A) neck
(B) feet
(C) back
(D) knees☑️

4.“Down fell the brown water fall” means ________.

(A) the stream flowed down
(B) Della’s hair fell down☑️
(C) the brown waterfall fell down
(D) the brown water fell down

5.What did she buy for Jim?

(A) a watch
(B) a necktie
(C) a gold watch chain☑️
(D) a shirt

6.What was common to Jim and the watch chain?

(A) simplicity
(B) value
(C) quietness
(D) quietness ad value☑️

7.With her short hair, she looked wonderfully like a ________.

(A) young girl
(B) dame
(C) school boy☑️
(D) woman

8.What did Della pray?

(A) May he think her still pretty!☑️
(B) May she have long hair again!
(C) May she live long!
(D) May she remain pretty!

9.No one can count Della’s ________.

(A) feeling
(B) regard☑️
(C) love
(D) jewels

10.Jim bought a gift of ________.

(A) a watch
(B) clips
(C) shoes
(D) the combs☑️

11.Della counted her savings ________.

(A) twice
(B) once
(C) three times☑️
(D) several times

12.Mrs. Sofronie offered twenty dollars for Della’s hair after ________.

(A) looking at it
(B) combing it
(C) cutting it
(D) weighing it☑️

13.Love and large-hearted giving can leave ________.

(A) deep marks☑️
(B) stains
(C) bad marks
(D) nothing behind

14.Della was afraid that Jim would think her a girl who works ________.

(A) in a factory
(B) for money☑️
(C) for knowledge
(D) for fun

15.About simple everyday things Della often said ________.

(A) something
(B) little prayers☑️
(C) little jokes
(D) odd things

16.Della was sure that nobody could ever count her ________.

(A) regard for Jim☑️
(B) sympathy for Jim
(C) concern for Jim
(D) aversion for Jim

17.Della wanted to buy something ________ for Jim.

(A) plain
(B) honourable
(C) nice☑️
(D) unusual

18.Jim’s watch belonged to his _________.

(A) uncles
(B) friends
(C) ancestors☑️
(D) relatives

19.Della’s log hair almost made itselt into a ________ for her.

(A) dress☑️
(B) coat
(C) skirt
(D) waterfall

20.Della put on her old brown coat and her old brown hat because ________.

(A) she wanted to look fashionable
(B) she had no other one☑️
(C) she was fond of brown colour
(D) she had taken a fancy to them

21.Della bought the gift after visiting ________.

(A) a big shop
(B) shopping mall
(C) every shop☑️
(D) a chain store

22.Though Jim’s watch was very find, it had never had ________.

(A) a fine chain☑️
(B) a silver chain
(C) a gold chain
(D) any chain

23.When Della arrived home, her mind ________a little.

(A) hurt
(B) quietened☑️
(C) pounded
(D) disturbed

24.Della held the watch chain in her hand and sat near the ________.

(A) door☑️
(B) hall
(C) cupboard
(D) mirror

25.Jim was shocked to see Della’s hair because ________.

(A) he didn’t like it
(B) he had no money
(C) he had brought combs☑️
(D) she didn’t look nice

26.Della started to try to ________ the sad marks of what she had done.

(A) remove
(B) wash
(C) cover☑️

27.Jim’s dinner was ready ________.

(A)at six
(B) at seven☑️
(C) at eight
(D) at nine

28.Jim needed ________.

(A) new clothes
(B) a new coat and gloves☑️
(C) a Christmas gift
(D) eight dollars

29.How did Jim look?

(A) fat
(B) happy
(C) calm
(D) thin☑️

30.How old was Jim?

(A) twenty one
(B) twenty two☑️
(C) twenty three
(D) twenty four

31.Two main characters in “The gift of magi” are ________.

(A) Della and Jim☑️
(B) Della and Hubert
(C) Della and Robinson
(D) Jim and Ellen

32.________ was common between Jim and the gold watch chain.

(A) simplicity
(B) value
(C) goodness
(D) quietness and value☑️

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