English class 11th

1st year English: ch 15 The Angel and The Author

1st year English: chapter-15 (The Angel and The Author) important MCQs

1. The author had the dream about __________ after Christmas.

(A) a week
(B)  a few days
(C) a fortnight
(D) a month☑️

2. It was the Recording __________ following the author in his dream.

(A) camera
(B) angel☑️
(C) device
(D) machine

3. At __________ men and women become generous in London.

(A) Easter
(B) New Year
(C) Christmas☑️
(D) weekends

4. The author subscribed __________ shillings to the fund for the unemployed.

(A) ten
(B) five☑️
(C) tree
(D) ten

5. The author had been to __________ charity dinners.

(A) four☑️
(B) six
(C) five
(D) seven

6. The notice appeared in the __________.

(A) Morning Post☑️
(B) Daily Telegraph
(C) Daily Times
(D) New York Times

7. It was a __________ show in aid of the fund for the destitute.

(A) huge
(B) monster☑️
(C) large
(D) fancy

8. The __________ was well worth the money.

(A) journey
(B) show☑️
(C) dinner
(D) contribution

9. There were many other __________ deeds of the author.

(A) big
(B) noble☑️
(C) great
(D) financial

10. The author sent all of his old clothes to the __________ sale.

(A) annual
(B) grand
(C) rummage☑️
(D) bumper

11. A little less virtue and the writer might have lived.

(A) many years
(B) comfortable
(C) longer☑️
(D) shorter

12. The writer heard the throbbing sound of __________.

(A) engines
(B) wings☑️
(C) motors
(D) feathers

13. The writer judged the Recording Angel to be __________.

(A) afraid
(B) tired☑️
(C) pleased
(D) relaxed

14. The squire gave plum pudding to __________.

(A) villagers☑️
(B) children
(C) Arabs
(D) beggars

15. Noble deeds are always a great joy for __________.

(A) the reader
(B) the people
(C) the angel☑️
(D) beggars

16. The writer has often thought of keeping a __________.

(A) book
(B) file
(C) register
(D) diary☑️

17. The angel remarked that what the Morning Post man said would be __________.

(A) considered
(B) entered☑️
(C) corrected
(D) rejected

18. The last the writer saw of London was the long line of __________.

(A) electric lamps☑️
(B) visitors
(C) electric pumps
(D) houses

19. The Angel called the Christmas time__________.

(A) an impressive period
(B) a charitable period
(C) a trying period☑️
(D) an enjoyable period

20. At Christmas, all men and women become __________.

(A) generous☑️
(B) envious
(C) afraid
(D) self-seeking

21. The writer wants to borrow a __________.

(A) bicycle
(B) machine
(C) book
(D) collecting box☑️

22. The writer had been to four charity __________.

(A) matches
(B) parties
(C) funds
(D) dinners☑️

23. What did the author sent to the rummage sale?

(A) old pends
(B) old clothes☑️
(C) old books
(D) signed photographs

24. What was the child giving to the street arab?

(A) pudding
(B) honey
(C) bread
(D) Bovril☑️

25. How did the book of the angel look?

(A) ugly
(B) thing
(C) bulky☑️
(D)  small

26. For Recording Angel, Christmas is a__________.

(A) pleasant period
(B) busy period
(C) heavy period
(D) trying period☑️

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