English class 11th

1st year English: ch 14 Overcoat

1st year English: chapter-14 (Overcoat) important MCQs

1.His moustache seemed to have been drawn with a ________.

(A) It was red
(B) It was green
(C) It was brown☑️
(D) It was black

2.What happened when the evening advanced?

(A) The weather became pleasant
(B) The cold become more intense
(C) The pleasant air began to blow☑️
(D) The sky was covered with clouds and it started raining

3.What was the condition of the overcoat, which the young man was wearing?

(A) It was old☑️
(B) It was ragged
(C) It was new
(D) It was full of dust

4.When the young man visited the music shop what did he find?

(A) There were musical instruments in the shop.☑️
(B) There was nothing in the shop
(C) He found many people in the shop
(D) There were books in the shop

5.When the young man died in the hospital after the accident what amount of money was discovered on him?

(A) 200 rupees only
(B) nothing was found on his pocket
(C) only six Anas and a few pies☑️
(D) only 51 rupees

6.What were the names of the two nurses who were on duty in the hospital?

(A) Nasreen and Jamila
(B) Zakia and Surraya
(C) Shehnaz and Gill☑️
(D) Zahida and Kausar

7.What was the owner of the shop wearing on his head?

(A) a cap
(B) nothing
(C) a silk turban☑️
(D) a handkerchief of green colour

8.After the accident when the driver sped away what were the words which were uttered by the passersby?

(A) Catch him!
(B) Kill him!
(C) Stop him!☑️
(D) Follow him!

9.After the accident what was the state of the young man?

(A) He was in a very precarious state☑️
(B) He was a in a normal state
(C) He was in a stable state
(D) He bled profusely

10.After the accident what was the first thing removed from the body of the young man?

(A) overcoat
(B) white silk scarf☑️
(C) shoes and socks
(D) an old cotton sweater

11.His moustache seemed to have been drawn with a __________.

(A) pencil☑️
(B) marker
(C) liner
(D) knife pen

12.The young man wore a green __________.

(A) cap
(B) hood
(C) derby
(D) felt hat☑️

13.The pavement thronged with __________.

(A) bicycles
(B) pick-pockets
(C) shoppers
(D) pedestrians☑️

14.The lapels of the young man’s overcoat were stiff and the sleeves __________.

(A) straight
(B) dry cleaned
(C) well creased☑️
(D) well set

15.While smoking, the young man seemed to relish every __________.

(A) cigarette
(B) puff☑️
(C) cigar
(D) packet

16.After the accident the young man was loaded into a __________.

(A) car☑️
(B) wagon
(C) taxi
(D) rickshaw

17.The young man was wearing a __________ silk scarf.

(A) white☑️
(B) brown
(C) green
(D) black

18.Most of the people were wearing such overcoats as are found __________.

(A) in Western countries
(B) everywhere
(C) at bumper sales
(D) at secondhand clothes’ shops☑️

19.The young man entered a large Western music shop without __________.

(A) hesitation☑️
(B) money
(C) planning
(D) permission

20.He examined the musical instruments with the air of a __________.

(A) musician
(B) connoisseur☑️
(C) a singer
(D) a technician

21.The truck driver took advantage of the __________ and sped away into the night.

(A) darkness☑️
(B) crowd
(C) speed
(D) pedestrians

22.A few handbills had been thrust upon the young man by__________.

(A) shopkeepers
(B) distributors☑️
(C) pedestrians
(D) vendors

23.The young man seemed to be __________ the sharp gusts of wind.

(A) interested in
(B) immune to☑️
(C) fond of
(D) sick of

24.The young man looked such a __________ that tonga-wallas whipped up their horses and raced towards him.

(A) cultured fellow
(B) queer fellow
(C) dandy☑️
(D) connoisseur

25.The young man had put on a brown overcoat with a __________ rose in button hole.

(A) red
(B) yellow
(C) cream coloured☑️
(D) pink

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