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First Year English Book-1 Lesson No. 10: A Mild Attack of Locusts Notes

First Year English Book-1 Lesson No. 10: A Mild Attack of Locusts Notes

Here are the questions and answers for Lesson No. 10: “A Mild Attack of Locusts” in a shorter and simpler format:

Short an Simple questions and answers

Q1. What are locusts?
. Locusts are insects similar to grasshoppers that destroy crops and vegetables.

Q2. Why did the farmers throw wet leaves on the fire?
. They threw wet leaves on the fire to create acrid smoke, which would deter the locusts.

Q3. What was the desire of every farmer?
. Every farmer desired to see their farms free and safe from locusts.

Q4. Did Margaret know how to keep the locusts away?
. No, Margaret did not know how to keep the locusts away.

Q5. What was the condition of the trees?
. The trees were covered in insects, with their branches weighed down by locusts.

Q6. How did old Stephen deal with a stray locust found on his shirt?
A6. He crushed the locust with his thumbnail.

Q7. Are the hoppers different from the locusts?
. No, hoppers are the young locusts born from the eggs laid by the adult locusts.

Q8. Did Margaret lose heart over the loss of crops?
. No, Margaret did not lose heart despite the loss of crops.

Q9. Why are locusts compared with bad weather?
. Locusts, like bad weather, can devastate crops, leading to the comparison.

Q10. Why did the men eat their supper with a good appetite?
. After a day of hard work battling locusts, they had a hearty supper to satisfy their appetite.

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