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Chapter 2 Solving a Biological Problem 9th Class Biology

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Chapter 2 Solving a Biological Problem

Q. What is meant by biological method?
Ans. The scientific method in which biological problems are solved is called biological method.
Q. Write the steps of biological method.
The steps of biological method are:
(i) Recognition of biological problem
(ii) Hypotheses formulation
(iii) Experimentation
(iv)Reporting of results
(v) Observations
(vi) Deductions
(vii) Summarization of results
Q. How is biological problem recognized?
The problem related to living organism a question that arises in mind of biologist or asked by someone is called biological problem.
Q. Name five senses of human.
Ans. The five senses of human are as follows:
(i) Sense of smell
(ii) Sense of hearing
(iii)Sense of taste
(iv) Sense of touch
(v) Sense of seeing
Q.Define hypothesis. Also give characteristics of a good hypothesis.
The tentative explanation of hypothesis is called hypothesis.
Characteristics of a Good Hypothesis:
(i) It should be a general statement.
(ii) It should be a tentative idea.
(iii)It should agree with available observations.
(iv) It should be kept as simple as possible.
(v) It should be testable and potentially falsifiable.
Q.What are deductions?
Deductions are the logical consequences/results of the hypotheses. For this purpose, hypotheses are taken as true and logi results me called as deductions.
Q. What is meant by control in experiment?
When we are doing experiments in science, these must be controlled experiments. In controlled experiment, scientist compares the experimental group with control group. Both the groups are treated with same measures except the variable which is being checked.
Q.What is reporting of results? (OR) How are results reported?
To report the results, biologist publishes the results of experiments in scientific book or booklet. They also discuss these results in international conferences, seminars, colleges and universities. Reporting of results is a compulsory step of biological method.
Q. What is the relationship between barks of quina-quina and cinchona?
The barks of quina-quina and cinchona resemble each other. A chemical called quinine is found in the barks of both of these trees which is very effective in treating malaria.
Q.What is incubation period?
Scientific law or principle is a constant fact of nature. In other words, an irrefutable theory is called law e.g. Mendel’s laws of genetics.
Q. How is data arranged in biological method?
For the formulation of hypotheses and their test, scientists gather data and arrange it in the forms of tables, flowcharts, maps, pictures etc.
Q. Define bioinformatics.
The use of computational and statistical techniques for the analysis of biological data is called bioinformatics.

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