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First Year English Book-I Lesson No. 9: The Foolish Quack Notes

First Year English Book-I Lesson No. 9: The Foolish Quack Notes

Here are the questions and answers for Lesson No. 9: “The Foolish Quack” in a shorter and simpler format:

Short an Simple questions and answers

Q1. What is a clump of trees?

A1. A clump of trees is a group of growing trees.

Q2. What was stuck in the camel’s throat?

A2. A melon was stuck in the camel’s throat.

Q3. What did the quack pretend to cure?

A3. The quack pretended to cure goiter.

Q4. What did the quack do with the old woman?

A4. He tied the woman’s throat with a blanket and forcefully tried to push down the swollen part.

Q5. What was the result of the cure?

A5. The old woman died instantly.

Q6. What punishment did the villagers inflict on the quack?

A6. They forced him to dig a grave for the old woman, beat him, and then let him go.

Q7. From whom did the quack dig the grave?

A7. The foolish quack dug the old woman’s grave himself.

Q8. What did the quack do in the next village?

A8. He pretended to be a great doctor and tried to cure an old man.

Q9. Why didn’t the villagers let the old man get treated?

A9. The quack mentioned digging the patient’s grave before treatment, so they didn’t permit him to treat the old man.

Q10. Why did the quack return to the camel men?

A10. The quack returned to the camel men to learn the proper way to cure goiter.

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