Computer class 11th

1st year computer science solved MCQs full book

1st year Computer Science MCQs solved

1) Read and write memory of computer is:
a) Cache
b) RAM☑️
c) ROM
d) Register

2) The shape of insertion point symbol is:
a) Arrow
b) Vertical line☑️
c) Horizontal line
d) Large circle

3) For the custom format 0000, the value 15 will appear an:
a) 15.00
b) 0015☑️
c) 015.0
d) 00.15

4) Which is not a cause of virus?
a) E-mail
b) Network
c) Un-Pirated software☑️
d) Logic bomb

5) Data communication signals can be:
a) Analog
b) Digital
c) Both a & b☑️
d) None of these

6) A telephone line is an example of:
a) Simplex mode
b) Half-duplex
c) Full duplex☑️
d) None of these

7) FTP facility if used to:
a) Transfer protocol
b) Transfer file☑️
c) Connect to the internet
d) Check PC

8) The default alignment of text and number in a cell is:
a) Bottom
b) Top
c) Right
d) Left☑️

9) Which is based on NT technology?
a) Window 2000☑️
b) Window 98
c) Window 3.1
d) Window 95

10) Numeric data can be:
a) Positive
b) Negative
c) Both a & b☑️
d) None of these

11) Which of the following device is used to reaceive the sound output?
a) Plotters
b) Microphone
c) Speaker☑️
d) Monitor

12) The height of weight withing a given period of time is known as:
a) Frequency
b) Amplitude☑️
c) Oscillation
d) Pulse

13) To get the lowest number, function is:
a) =low(A10:A20)
b) =lowest(A10:A20)
c) =min(A10:A20)☑️
d) =minimum(A10:A20)

14) Which of the following is invalid relative reference of a cell?
a) 44BC☑️
b) B5
c) CD 45
d) IM40

15) One kilobyte is exactly:
a) 1 byte
b) 100 bytes
c) 256 bytes
d) 1024 bytes☑️

16) The circuit board that connects the monitor to computer is called:
a) Video Adapter☑️
b) Monitor link
c) Digital Cable
d) Monitor Adapter

17) File can exist in folder but folders cannot exists in:
a) Path
b) Files☑️
c) Folders
d) Documents

18) Analog signal is measured in:
a) Hertz
b) Bit
c) Volts☑️
d) None of these

19) Device automatically detected by windows are called:
a) Plug & play☑️
b) Installed
c) Serial
d) Automatic

20) Calling cells by address such as ‘B2’ is called:
a) Absolute referencing☑️
b) Adjacent referencing
c) Relative referencing
d) Calling method

21) Hardware is best describe as:
a) Physical parts☑️
b) Printed copy files
c) A program
d) Logic part

22) A location inside a CPU where it can hold data temporarily while processing is called:
a) Memory
b) Cache
c) Flag
d) Register☑️

23) The step that performs the actions given in the instruction is:
a) Fetch
b) Calculate
c) Decide
d) Execute☑️

24) Which of the following is top level domain?
b) .com☑️
d) URL

25) In _ transmission mode, data flows in both directions at the same time:
a) Simplex
b) Half-duplex
c) Full-duplex☑️
d) Duplex

26) The process of getting instruction from main memory by CPU is:
a) Data fetch
b) Instruction fetch☑️
c) Decode
d) None of these

27) Harmful for computer is:
a) Antivirus
b) Virus☑️
c) Software
d) Freeware

28) Which protocol is used to access web pages on World Wide Web?
c) HTTP☑️

29) Which of the following is the mode of transmission?
a) Half-duplex
b) Full-duplex☑️
c) Simplex
d) Duplex

30) Data consists of digits from 0-9 is called:
a) Text data
b) Numeric data☑️
c) Video data
d) Image data

31) DPI stands for:
a) Dot per inceh☑️
b) Decimal per inch
c) Digit per inch
d) Data per inch

32) Which of the following function returns the highest number:
a) =maximum (A5:A20)
b) =maximum(A5:20A)
c) =max(A5:A20)☑️
d) =maxi(A5:A20)

33) An ink-jet printer is an example of an:
a) Laser printer
b) Impact printer
c) COM printer
d) Non-impact printer☑️

34) The microphone converts the sound into:
a) Mehanical signals
b) Electrical signals☑️
c) Computer file
d) Software

35) How many type of addressing scheme?
a) 3
b) 2☑️
c) 5
d) 8

36) An organized set of related components is called:
b) Network
c) Processing
d) System☑️

37) Orientation of the contents of a cell can be set up to:
a) 45 degrees
b) 90 degrees☑️
c) 180 degrees
d) 25 degrees

38) The internal transfer of data in a computer uses:
a) Parallel mode☑️
b) Serial mode
c) Both a & b
d) None of these

39) McAfee is a/an:
a) Virus
b) Antivirus☑️
c) Hacker
d) Worm

40) Capacity of RAM can be:
a) 256 MB
b) 512 MB
c) 1 GB
d) All of above☑️

41) The function of CPU, it is called;
a) Fetch
b) Decode
c) Execute
d) All of these☑️

42) The number of times wave repeats during specific time interval is called:
a) Pulse
b) Amplitude
c) Frequency☑️
d) Oscillation Correct Answer

43) Transferring information from computer to internet is called:
a) Downloading
b) Down seizing
c) Uploading☑️
d) Pasting

44) To view and apply functions available in Excel:
a) Function wizard
b) Function Tool bar
c) Function dialog box
d) All of above☑️

45) All are the types of band width except:
a) Base-band
b) Broadband
c) Narrowband
d) Rubber-band☑️

46) Following are the features of operating system except:
a) GUI
b) Command prompt
c) Processor management
d) DBMS☑️

47) The World Wide Web was introduced in:
a) 1960
b) 1970
c) 1989☑️
d) 2000

48) The group of 8 bit is called:
a) Byte☑️
b) Nibble
c) KB
d) GB

49) The program that contains instruction to operate a device is called:
a) Device driver☑️
b) Device operator
c) Device linking
d) Device system

50) How many types of network standard are there:
a) 2☑️
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

51) The maximum number of partition that can be created on disk is:
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4☑️
d) 10

52) code is a 7-bits or 8-bit code:
a) BCD
c) ASCII☑️
d) None of these

53) Which is current measurement of a modem’s data transfer rate:
a) Kbps
b) Gbps
c) Bps
d) Mbps☑️

54) Software to peruse the internet is called:
a) Gateway
b) Browser☑️
c) FET
d) Tele conferencing

55) Type of RAM which need not to be refreshed:
a) SRAM☑️
d) None of these

56) The most widely used web protocol:
a) HTTP☑️
c) URL
d) ISP

57) ROM stands for:
a) Read of Memory
b) Reader Online Memory
c) Read Only Memory☑️
d) Request on Memory

58) Communication between a computer and keyboard involves:
a) Simplex☑️
b) Half-duplex
c) Full-duplex
d) All of these

59) For the custom format #,###, the value 2500 will appear as:
a) 2500.00
b) 2500.000
c) 2500☑️
d) 250.0

60) MS windows is an example of operating system with interface:
a) CLI
b) GUI☑️
c) SUI
d) MUI

61) Which of the following is not considered to be peripheral device?
a) Disk drive
b) Keyboard
c) Monitor
d) CPU☑️

62) The fly-by wire system is used in:
a) Twisted cable
b) Airline system☑️
c) Cable in air
d) None of these

63) How many data communications modes are?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 3☑️
d) 6

64) CBT stands for:
a) Computer Based Trade
b) Computer Based Training☑️
c) Certificate Based Training
d) None of these

65) All are guided media except:
a) Fiber optic
b) Microwave☑️
c) Coaxial
d) Twisted pair

66) Which of the following is a spreadsheet?
a) MS Word
b) MS Excel☑️
c) MS Power point
d) Both b and a

67) Which of the follwoing is an absolute address?
a) A1
b) A1$
c) A$1$☑️
d) None of above

68) How many characters ASCII 7-bit code can represent?
a) 128☑️
b) 256
c) 500
d) 364

69) For the custom format ##,000,the number 242.59 will appear as:
a) 242.59000
b) 24.2590
c) 242.59
d) None☑️

70) Which of the following feature is provided with modem?
a) Speed
b) Self-testing
c) Transmission rate
d) All of these☑️

71) Which of the following is non-volatile:
c) Both a & b☑️
d) None of these

72) The length of IP Address is:
a) 8 bits
b) 16 bits
c) 32 bits☑️
d) 64 bits

73) BIT stands for:
a) Binary Integer
b) Binary Digit☑️
c) Binary Interval
d) None of these

74) All are the exmples of operating system except:
a) DOS
b) MS-Windows
c) Unix
d) C++☑️

75) Modem is combination of:
a) Modulator/De modulator☑️
b) Base Band
c) Mouse/Demand
d) None of these

76) The average of cell C10 to C40 can be calculated using function:
a) =Avge(C10:C40)
b) =Avge(10C:C40)
c) =Aveg(C10:C40)
d) =Average(C10:C40)☑️

77) The physical layout of LAN is known as:
a) Topology☑️
b) Session
c) Link
d) Connector

78) Copying data drom internet to computer is called:
a) Uploading
b) Downloading☑️
c) Transferring
d) None of these

79) Which of the following transmits voice and data through air as high-frequency radio waves?
a) Twisted pair
b) Coaxial cable
c) Fiber-optic cable
d) Microwave☑️

80) A collection of computer connected together is called:
a) Processing
b) Network☑️
c) Chatting
d) Centralized system

81) SRAM is used to built _ inside processor:
a) Register
b) Cache☑️
c) DDR
d) ROM

82) Which of the following device used the parallel transmission?
a) Mouse
b) Keyboard
c) Printer☑️
d) Light pen

83) RAM is the abbreviation for:
a) Random Access Memory
b) Read Access Memory
c) Read Allow Memory
d) Random Allow Memory☑️

84) In microwave system, towers of antennas must be:
a) Straight line
b) Line of sight☑️
c) At different places
d) None of these

85) Type of a application software are:
a) 5
b) 3
c) 4
d) 2☑️

86) From which menu header and footer option can be used is word:
a) Tools
b) Insert
c) Edit
d) View☑️

87) A device used for optical character recognization is a:
a) Wand reader☑️
b) Cursor
c) Pen
d) MICR reader

88) The output of compiler is called:
a) Source code
b) Object code☑️
c) Unicode
d) None of these

89) A is an automatic programmable machine:
a) CAD
b) CAM
c) CBT
d) Robot☑️

90) The set of programs running in the background on a computer:
a) Application package
b) Operating system☑️
c) Language program
d) Translators

91) A word processor can be used to:
a) Write text
b) Edit text
c) Print text
d) All of above☑️

92) Which of the following is an impact printer?
a) Laser printer
b) Dot-Matrix printer☑️
c) COM printer
d) Inkjet printer

93) Words, sentences and paragraphs are example of:
a) Image data
b) Numeric data
c) Sound data
d) Text data☑️

94) A data bus with 32 lines can transfer which data at a time:
a) 32 bit
b) 32 bytes
c) 4 bytes
d) Both a & c☑️

95) The right of person to keep his information away from others is called:
a) Privacy☑️
b) Private
c) Secrecy
d) Right

96) Which of the following is an example of operating system:
a) MS-Word
b) MS-Excel
c) MS-Power point
d) MS-Windows☑️

97) Windows is the most popular product of:
a) Sun System
b) Microsoft☑️
c) Hewlett

98) A process of encoding for the purpose of data security is called:
a) Privacy
b) Private☑️
c) Secrecy
d) Right

99) Which component is used to connect different parts of computer together?
a) Bus Interconncetion☑️
b) Control unit
c) Main memory
d) None of these

100) Data and programs not being used by computer are stored in:

a) Secondary storage☑️
b) Cache
c) Primary storage
d) Printer

101) The function count() only counts the:
a) Non empty cells☑️
b) Empty cells
c) Labels
d) Values

102) Modern computer can perform calculations or process at:
a) Per second
b) Per minute
c) Nino second
d) All of these☑️

103) Many products are designed by using:
a) ATM
c) CAD☑️
d) CAM

104) When data is transmitted block by block, it is called:
a) Asynchronous
b) Synchronous☑️
c) Simplex
d) Serial

105) Which of the following is the first phase of SDLC?
a) Design
b) Coding
c) Preliminary investigation☑️
d) Analysis

106) Deleting a character to the left of the cursor is accomplished by passing the:
a) Del key
b) Backspace key☑️
c) Home key
d) Ctrl+Tab

107) The instruction that performs addition, subtraction etc. is called:
a) Arithmatic instructions☑️
b) Logical instruction
c) I/O instructions
d) None of these

108) Smaller unit of memory is:
a) Byte
b) Bit☑️
c) Word
d) None of these

109) A set of programs that run the computer are:
a) Hardware
b) Document
c) Hard Disk
d) Software☑️

110) Which is not network communication device?
a) Router
b) Hub
c) LAN☑️
d) NIC

111) In _ transmission mode, data flows in both directions but not simultaneously:
a) Simplex
b) Half-duplex☑️
c) Full-duplex
d) Duplex

112) To present data entered in to the worksheet in visual format:
a) Graph
b) Chart☑️
c) Picture
d) Diagram

113) Laser printer is an example of:
a) Non-Impact☑️
b) Inkjet
c) Impact
d) Dot matrix

114) The example of antivirus is:
a) McAfee☑️
b) Trojan horse
c) Worm
d) Logic bomb

115) A network that transmits data over city wide distances faster thab LAN is:
a) WAN
b) LAN
c) MAN☑️
d) NAN

116) Computer based weather forecasting depends on accurate collection of data from:
a) Television
b) Weather stations☑️
c) Radar
d) Antenna

117) Start/Stop bits are not required in the transmission:
a) Parallel
b) Serial
c) Synchronous☑️
d) Asynchronous

118) This type of bus connects the CPU to memory on the system board:
a) System Bus☑️
b) Word Bus
c) Expansion Bus
d) Width Bus

119) A collection of computers, connected together is called:
a) Processing
b) Network☑️
c) Chatting
d) Centralized system

120) All of following are top level domain except:
a) .edu
b) .org
c) .gov
d) .bus☑️

121) Which of the following is not type of chart?
a) xy☑️
b) Pie
c) Line
d) Bar

122) Which of the following protocol is used to access internet?
a) Ethernet
b) ARC net
c) TCP/IP☑️
d) DSL

123) The process of transferring data electronically from one place to another is called:
a) Data processing
b) Data sender
c) Data communication☑️
d) Data sequencing

124) Chart wizard can be started by the command:
a) Format/chart
b) Insert/chart☑️
c) View/chart
d) Tools/chart

125) Which is not biometric technique?
a) Badge☑️
b) Retina
c) Face
d) Palm print

126) The right to use the software on computer is called:
a) Software copyright☑️
b) Site license
c) Software piracy
d) Software key

127) The set of rules of exchange data in a communication network is called:
a) Gateway
b) Procedure
c) Protocol☑️
d) Token Correct

128) Every instruction for CPU generally consist of parts:
a) 2☑️
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

129) OSI reference model has __ layers:
a) 9
b) 8
c) 7☑️
d) 6

130) Data processing is also known as:
a) Accuracy
b) Computing☑️
c) Speed
d) Merging

131) By default values are aligned in a cell at:
a) Left
b) Top
c) Bottom
d) Right☑️

132) The device or computer which accept the data is called:
a) Medium
b) Receiver☑️
c) Sender
d) Transmitter

133) Most applications of robotics are in which area?
a) Cooking
b) Manufacturing☑️
c) Teaching
d) Farming

134) The coding scheme that represents upto 256 characters:
a) BCD
c) ASCII☑️
d) Unicode

135) In microwave system, towers are placed at the distance of:
a) 10-20 miles
b) 20-25 miles
c) 20-30 miles☑️
d) 20-35 miles

136) Data communication requires:
a) Sender
b) Receiver
c) Medium
d) All of these☑️

137) Which of the following contains the administrative tools:
a) Control Panel☑️
b) Start button
c) Internet Explorer
d) Recycle Bin

138) Alignment of a value in a cell can be:
a) Left
b) Right
c) Centered
d) All of them☑️

139) Delecting a character to the left of the cursor is accomplished by pressing the:
a) Del key
b) Backspace key☑️
c) Home key
d) Ctrl+Tab

140) An operating system is a:
a) System utility
b) Application software
c) System software☑️
d) Software package

141) Software to pursue to internet is:
a) Gateway
b) EFT
c) Browser☑️
d) Teleconferencing

142) The example of Defacto standard is:
a) SNA☑️
c) ISO

143) The function in Excel begins with:
a) +
b) #
c) /
d) =☑️

144) If a computer uses a 32-bit internal structure, _ bits data will be transferred:
a) 16
b) 32☑️
c) 64
d) 128

145) The standard protocol for internet is:
a) TCP
b) IP address
c) IP protocol
d) TCP/IP☑️

146) The part of computer system that executes the instruction is:
a) CPU☑️
b) RAM
c) Mother board
d) System unit

147) The keyboard format that is most commonly used is the:

148) The chart, graph, picture and free hand drawing are examples of:
a) Image data☑️
b) Audio data
c) Numeric data
d) Text data

149) A bus consist of:
a) Register
b) Accumulator
c) Set of parallel line☑️
d) Computer Clock

150) is not an output device?
a) Scanner☑️
b) Printer
c) Monitor
d) Speaker

151) The memory which increases the performance of computer:
a) RAM
b) Cache☑️
c) ROM
d) Hard Disk

152) Which of the following is an impact printer?
a) Dot Matrix
b) Daisy Wheel Printer
c) Line Printer
d) All of above☑️

153) How many bits are there in one byte?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 4
d) 8☑️

154) The conncetion between telephone line and modem is:
a) Analog☑️
b) Digital
c) Both a & b
d) None of these

155) All of the following are elements of data communication system except:
a) Sender
b) Receiver
c) Medium
d) Voltage☑️

156) Instructions written on _ can be erased using ultraviolet rays:
b) EPROM☑️

157) Another name of antivirus is:
a) Vaccine☑️
b) Worm
c) Trojan horse
d) Hacker

158) The layer taht is used to control hpow a bit-stream of data is sent and received over physical media is called:
a) Application
b) Session
c) Transport
d) Physical☑️

159) In transmission mode, data flows only one direction:
a) Simplex☑️
b) Half-duplex
c) Full-duplex
d) None of these

160) Software that is used to detect and remove the viruses from computer is called:
a) Pirated software
b) Antivirus☑️
c) Trojan horse
d) Virus

161) How many pair of computer can simultaneously communicate on Ethernet LAN?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) Multiple☑️

162) Types of ROM that can be re-written by using electronic devices:
c) EPROM☑️
d) RAM

163) The electromagnetic or light waves representing data are called:
a) Information
b) Signal☑️
c) Sender
d) Frequency

164) The device which converts encoded analog data into digital form is:
a) Medium
b) Encoder
c) Decoder☑️
d) Sink

165) The process of converting analog signal into digital is:
a) Modulation
b) Demodulation☑️
c) Communication
d) None of these

166) The term that refer to all input, output and secondary storage device is:
a) Peripheral☑️
b) Central
c) Attached
d) Network

167) How a virus reaches from one computer to another?
a) Data is excahnged between computer☑️
b) Exchanged of display screen
c) Exchange of keyboard
d) Exchnaged of printer

168) Virus are transfer from one computer to another due to:
a) Exchange data☑️
b) Exchange of display screen
c) Dust in room
d) High temperature

169) Web pages are connected to one another using:
a) Hyperlink☑️
c) Internet
d) Multimedia

170) Satellite is present in the space above the earth:
a) 20000 miles
b) 15000 miles
c) 25000 miles
d) 22300 miles☑️

171) Which is popular full word processor:
a) MS Word☑️
b) Spread Sheet
c) Word Pad
d) Notepad

172) Which is not include the document management system?
a) Word-processing
b) Desktop publishing
c) Re-prographic
d) None of these☑️

173) To communicate with input and output device, instruction is used:
a) Logical instructions
b) Arithmatic instructions
c) I/O instructions☑️
d) None of these

174) Microwave transmission, coaxial cables and fiber optics are example of:
a) Modems
b) Gateway
c) Ring network
d) Communication links☑️

175) Transmission of data character by character is:
a) Asynchronous
b) Synchronous☑️
c) Simplex d) Serial

176) Type of ROM which is once programmable:
a) PROM☑️
d) RAM

177) OSI stands for:
a) Open system interconnection☑️
b) Open system international
c) Open small internet
d) Open system interlink

178) The processing of instructions is given by CU is the process, which is called:
a) Data fetch
b) Instruction fetch
c) Decode
d) Execute☑️

179) The actual working area in Microsoft Excel is:
a) Workbook
b) Worksheet☑️
c) Spreadsheet
d) Note sheet

180) Which of the following is not leading search engine?
a) Google
b) Excite
c) Yahoo
d) Netscape navigator☑️

181) Data and program not used by the computer are stored in:
a) Secondary storage
b) Cache
c) Primary storage☑️
d) Printer

182) Add new hardware option exists in:
a) Main Menu
b) Status Bar
c) Taskbar
d) Control Pnel☑️

183) Which of the following coding scheme uses 4-bits codes:
c) BCD☑️
d) Unicode

184) A bit can represent how many different values?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2☑️
d) 3

185) Communication mode is:
a) LAN
b) Internet
c) Simplex☑️

186) The chart, graph, picture and free hand drawing are examples of:
a) Image data☑️
b) Audio data
c) Numeric data
d) Text data

187) The device or computer which transmits data is:
a) Sender ☑️

b) Receiver

c) Transformer

d) Transistor

188) The are continuous electrical signals in the form of wave:
a) Analog signals☑️
b) Digital signals
c) Frequent signals
d) None of these

189) The cell of memory are logically organized into group of:
a) 8 bits☑️
b) 5 bits
c) 12 bits
d) 4 bits

190) Under MS-DOS a user communicates with operating system by issuing:
a) Command☑️
b) Instructions
c) Routines
d) Procedure

191) The ITU was formerly known as:
a) CCITT☑️
b) ISO
c) IBM
d) SNA

192) The extension of a executable file is:
a) .xl
b) .doc
c) .ext
d) .exe☑️

193) is not to find information on World Wide Web:
a) Web browser
b) Search engine
c) Website☑️
d) Web server

194) CBT software is used in:
a) Education☑️
b) Forecasting
c) Manufacturing
d) Electronic shopping

195) Which one is not a virus?
a) Trojan horse
b) Logic bomb
c) McAfee☑️
d) Redlof

196) Which of the following keys is used to cancel an operation?
a) Arrow
b) Caps Lock
c) Num Lock
d) Esc☑️

197) How many parts there are in CPU?
a) 2☑️
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

198) Copy data from internet to computer is called:
a) Uploading
b) Downloading☑️
c) Transferring
d) None of these

199) The cell address B4,C4,D4 and E4 can be shown as:
a) B:E
b) B:4
c) B4:E4☑️
d) 4B:4E

200) The primary and main memory of computer is:
a) ROM
b) Cache
c) RAM☑️
d) Hard disk

201) Which of the following is the types of RAM:
c) Both a & b☑️
d) None of these

202) Which of the following is a chart type?
a) Peach tree
b) Pie☑️
c) Apple pie
d) Dummy

203) How many types of network communication device?
a) 2
b) 4☑️
c) 6
d) 8

204) The music and speech represent data:
a) Image
b) Text
c) Numeric
d) Audio☑️

205) A collection of raw, facts and figures is called:
a) Data☑️
b) Information
c) Processing
d) Computing

206) Unicode is a:
a) 16-bit code☑️
b) 32-bit code
c) 64-bit code
d) 132-bit code

207) A collection of related web pages is called:
a) Uploading
b) Website☑️
c) Downloading
d) Linking

208) bps is short for:
a) Bytes per second
b) Band per second
c) Bits per second☑️
d) bytes permanent second

209) The process of finding and correcting programming errors is known as:
a) Error trapping
b) Hammering
c) Debugging☑️
d) Fixing

210) The device which converts data into analog signal before transmission over medium.
a) Medium
b) Encoder☑️
c) Decoder
d) Source

211) Which of the following is not an example of e-commerce?
a) Electronic banking
b) Electronic shopping
c) Online chatting☑️
d) Online education

212) Types of partitions are:
a) 2☑️

b) 4
c) 6
d) 8

213) The output of printer is called:
a) Hard copy☑️
b) Graphics
c) Multimedia
d) Soft copy

214) List fo documents waiting to be printed is called:
a) Print list
b) Print stack
c) Print queue☑️
d) Print line

215) Which of the following is a valid formula in MS-Excel?
a) =B7C7
b) =9B+10C☑️
c) C7=D7
d) A2+B2

216) A virus replicated itself is called:
a) Bug
b) Worm☑️
c) Vaccine
d) Bomb

217) The communication channels can be divided into:
a) Two types☑️
b) Four types
c) Seven types
d) None of these

218) An important characteristic of ROM is:
a) Temporary
b) Write only
c) Volatile
d) Non volatile☑️

219) Standard IP Address is composed of a total of:
a) 4 bits
b) 16 bits
c) 32 bits☑️
d) 256 bits

220) The standard protocol for the internet is:
a) TCP
b) IP address
c) IP Protocol
d) TCP/IP☑️

221) Binary number consists of :
a) 2 digits☑️
b) 3 digits
c) 8 digits
d) 16 digits

222) A bus that transfer data between the central processor and memory is known as:
a) I/O bus
b) CPU
c) Processor bus
d) Data bus☑️

223) A small image that represents a program, instruction or a file is called:
a) Mune
b) GUI
c) Comand Language
d) Icon☑️

224) MICR stands for:
a) Magnetic Ink Character Reader
b) Magnetic Ink Code Reader☑️
c) Magnetic Ink Character Recorder
d) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

225) Symbol that separates parts in email address:
a) $
b) #
c) @☑️
d) ^

226) Which type of diagram shows how information flows through a system?
a) Logical flowchart
b) Gantt chart
c) DFD☑️
d) Decision table

227) The instruction that performs comparison between data:
a) I/O instruction
b) Logical instruction☑️
c) Arithmatic instruction
d) None of these

228) MS Excel contain following types of chart:
a) Pie chart
b) Bar chart
c) Line chart
d) All of above☑️

229) Which protocol is used to access web pages on World Wide Web?
b) Gopher
c) HTTP☑️

230) Which of the following is related to business:
a) Marketing
b) Banks
c) Stock exchange
d) All of these☑️

231) Satellite is an example of:
a) Un-bounded media☑️
b) Guided media
c) TV channels
d) None of these

232) Most application of robotics are in which area?
a) Cooking
b) Manufacturing☑️
c) Teaching
d) Farming

233) Which of the following is the most devastating loss to a company:
a) Loss of hardware
b) Loss of data☑️
c) Loss of RAM
d) Loss of printouts

234) Operating system can perform following:
a) Memory management
b) Execute Programs
c) Data Storage
d) All of them☑️

235) GUI stands for:
a) Global User Interface
b) Graphical User Interface☑️
c) Graphical User Internet
d) None of these

236) The extension of an executable file is:
a) .xls
b) .doc
c) .ext
d) .exe☑️

237) Computer consists of:
a) Hardware
b) Software
c) Both a & b☑️
d) None of these

238) The function that returns the total number of non-empty cells:
a) =sum(A1:B5)
b) =count(A5:A10)☑️
c) min(A10:A20)
d) =minimum(A10:A20)

239) The ability of an operating system to control the activities of multiple programs at the same time is called:
a) Multi-tasking☑️
b) Multi-processing
c) Multi-operating
d) Multi-paging

240) The term that define the size and style of a type face is:
a) Point
b) Font☑️
c) Character
d) Size

241) EBCDIC is bit code:
a) 4-bit
b) 6-bit
c) 7-bit
d) 8-bit☑️

242) Which component of CPU is responsible for deciding which operation to be performed by CPU:
a) ALU
b) CU☑️
c) Register
d) None of these

243) Which one connects two similar network segments:
a) Router
b) Bridge☑️
c) Gateway
d) Node

244) Which is not a network communication device?
a) Router
b) Hub
c) LAN☑️
d) NIC

245) Many banks provides the facility of:
a) CAD
b) CAM
c) ATM☑️
d) CBT

246) Each computer on a network is called:
a) Bus
b) Terminator
c) Node☑️
d) Connection

247) Assebler is used in language:
a) Basic
b) C++
c) Assembly☑️
d) Java

248) The __ is a physical path over which a message travels:
a) Protocol
b) Medium☑️
c) Signal
d) All of these

249) What layer of OSI model does Data compression?
a) Network
b) Presentation☑️
c) Data link
d) Physical

250) Capacity of RAM can be:
a) 256 MB
b) 512 MB
c) 1 GB
d) All of above☑️

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