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Class 11 Computer Science Important Questions

Class 11 Computer Science Important Questions On Newsongoogle By Bilal Articles

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Computer Science Class 11 Unit-1

Q.2 Write the short questions.

i. What is meant by information technology?
ii. What is system software?
iii. Define Application software.
iv. Define?
v. Give three examples of system software.
vi. Why does application software need an operating system?
vii. List four basic units of data storage.
viii. What is a System? List different Components of the System.

NOTE: Attempt the long question.

  1. Differentiate between Software and Hardware. Describe the different categories of Software.

Computer Science Class 11 Unit-2

Q.2 Write short questions.

i. What is DSL?
ii. What do you mean by Router?
iii. What is network protocol?
iv. What is a repeater?
v. State the purpose of the data link layer.

NOTE: Attempt the following questions.

What is LAN’s protocol? Explain three types of networking protocols.

  1. What is network topology? Write in detail about types of network topologies.

Computer Science Class 11 Unit-3

Q.2 Write the short following questions.

i. What is Data Communications?
ii. Define Encoder and Decoder.
iii. Define Digital Signals.
iv. Describe data representation in.
v. What is the Start Signal? List its different States.
vi. Explain the term “Baseband”.
vii. Write two names of unbounded media.
viii. Why data transfer instructions are used?

NOTE: Attempt any Two (2) questions.

  1. Define Guided media. Briefly describe different guided media for communication.
  2. Define data Communication. Explain the four Basic Components of a Communication Network.
  3. What is Data Communication Mode? Explain its types in detail.

Computer Science Class 11 Unit-4

Q.2 Write short questions.

i. What is the use of the stock exchange?
ii. Write the purpose of the document management system.
iii. Define the term video conferencing.
iv. What is electronic shopping?
v. Differentiate between CAD and CAM.

Computer Science Class 11 Unit-5

Q.2 Write short questions.

i. Why is RA called Random Access Memory?
ii. Why EPROM is used?
iii. Write the names of different types of buses.
iv. State the purpose of CPU registers.
v. What is a program counter?

NOTE: Attempt the following questions.

Define system bus. Explain three types of system buses in detail.

  1. Define Operating System. Discuss any six functions of the operating system.

Computer Science Class 11 Unit-6

Q.2 Write short questions.

i. Define Pirated Software.
ii. What is a logic bomb?
iii. Define chermobal Virus.
iv. State the purpose of the password.
v. What is a privacy issue?

NOTE: Attempt the following questions.

Discuss two security threats to data security and write any four solutions to these threats.

Discuss different types of Viruses.

Computer Science Class 11 Unit-7

Q.2 Write short questions.

i. What is an Operating System?
ii. What is the Purpose of Recycle Bin?
iii. List four objects/components of the Windows operating system.
iv. What is a desktop?
v. What is an extended partition?

Computer Science Class 11 Unit-8

Q.2 Write short questions.

i. What is word Processing?
ii. List any two uses of a word processor.
iii. What are the advantages of a word processor over a Typewriter?
iv. Write down the names of two simple text editors.
v. What is WYSIWYG?

Computer Science Class 11 Unit-9

Q.2 Write short questions.

i. List two benefits of the spreadsheet.
ii. Write the formula for calculating the average of cells B2 and B3.
iii. Write functions that total cells B3 through B10.
iv. Write a function that does the total of cells from A1 to A5.
v. What is Formula?

Computer Science Class 11 Unit-10

Q.2 Write short questions.

i. Define IP Addressing.
ii. List four domains with their type of institution.
iii. What is the concept of Web Hosting?
iv. What are the advantages of e-mail?

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