2nd Year NotesEnglish class 12th

2nd year English Essays: Uses and abuses of Science

2nd year English Important  Essays: Uses and abuses of Science

Science has dominated our lives. We cannot think of reversing our lives back to the
technology-free era.
Science being a mother of invention has created a new world with its bloodless revolution.
has invented machines in countless number for the benefits and comforts of a human
being. Science has brought a marvelous revolution in the modern world. All progress of a
country depends upon the progress in science.
“ Science is the systematic classification of experience.”
Science has both merits and demerits. Its services are as many as its disservices. It has
dominated time and space. It needs only a few hours to reach the furthest corner of the
world. Fast moving trains, buses, airplane, and steamships enable man to travel long
distance without any difficulty. Today man flies like birds in the air, We can now see and
hear an eminent scholar, speaking in America. England and China. So, it appears that the
world has shrunk.
Science has done a wonderful job by controlling human sufferings. Most of the diseases are
being cured with newly discovered drugs. Millions of lives have been snatch off from the
clutches of death. rather some. of its performances are not less than a miracle. In the past.
such achievement was only possible for gods.
“Science is nothing but an image of truth”
All the present requirements have been increased tremendously bur science does not give
up hope of feed the ever growing population. The mighty forces of water have been
controlled by science. Science has devised ways and methods to harness water for the
sciences of humanity. However, all these benefits are of no importance before the evils and
horrors of science. Science has destroyed countless lives by fatal weapons. The hundredyear war cannot at all be compared with six-year war that was fought from 1939-1945. It is
shouldering to think of the atrocity of the atomic bomb.
Generally, it is thought that it is really science which is to be blamed for all these calamities.
Man has now heaps of destructive scientific weapons.
“All war is the symptom of man’s failure as a think animal.”
On the other hand, seienee has bent the forces of natures and put them at the command of
Now, it is up to him whether he uses them for the betterment of man or for his destruction.
There is nothing like absolute good in the world. Everything has bright as well as dark
aspect. Science is capable of both good and evil. Now, it is a man who has to decide
whether he should devote himself God or Satan.
He may mould this world into a paradise. But all depends upon his free will. We should be
optimistic and hope that this world will emerge as the above new world.
“The future belongs to science and those who make friends with science.”

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