2nd Year NotesEnglish class 12th

2nd year English Essays: Courtesy

2nd year English Important Essays: Courtesy

“ A man without a sense of courtesy is an animal with the human form” – Francis Bacon
Courtesy may be defined as the practice of ideal moral and social behaviour with others. It
simply means to exhibit decent manners and polite attitude towards others. Courtesy is an
act of civility and decent behaviour. A courteous man is modest and tasteful in his words
and acts.
Courtesy is of huge importance in our lives. We cannot live a smooth, peaceful and social
life without being courteous. Courtesy adorns our character and outshines our personality.
Courteous behavior not only keeps us united in the family but also build durable and longlasting relations.
“The small courtesies sweeten life; the greater ennoble it” – Christian Nestell Bovee
We have to show courtesy in every walk of life. We must be courteous to our elders, our
youngers, our seniors, our juniors, our neighbours and friends. It is the law of nature that
“as you sow, so shall you reap”. Being courteous, you can expect the same behaviour from
others. Do respect, have respect. Courtesy is a two-way behaviour. It may not be possible
that one is rude and harsh and others will be courteous and soft.
Being a Muslim, if we look at the life of Our Prophet (PBUH), we find that he was even
courteous with his enemies. He never spoke harshly with anyone. That is why he became
the most popular and most prestigious leader in the world’s history. We can also try to
follow his footsteps.
There are various occasions where we can show courtesy to others. This is very simple and
easy. We can frequently use courteous words like ‘sorry’, ‘thank you’ or ‘excuse me’,
‘please’ it’s ok etc. It does not take our time, force and money to use these words
“When restraint and courtesy are added to strength, the latter becomes irresistible” –
Mahatma Gandhi
When we can offer our seat to an old fellow while traveling on the public bus. We can give
our turn to a woman or an old person while standing in the queue. We can say ‘ladies first’
giving respect to women. Similarly, we can guide a stranger in the way. We can help the
patients find their doctors in the hospitals; we can offer our lunch to our fellow workers.
We can even do our own work. This is also courtesy.
“The best amongst you is the one whose manners are the best” – Hazrat Muhammad
Other forms of courtesy are forgiving the people for their mistakes. We should not get
hyper on miner mistakes of others or the miner damage which others do to us accidentally.
Calling others by their right full names, admiring others, showing respect to others,
preferring others, sacrificing for others, giving others warm hugs and warm welcomes are
also courtesy.
Courtesy make society worth living. Many social evils, deteriorating relationships,
individuality, fights and quarrels, enmities, and hatred are outcomes of the lack of courtesy
in society. Courtesy brings about smiles everywhere. It brings people closer to each other.

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