2nd Year NotesEnglish class 12th

2nd year English Essays: My Hero in History

2nd year English Important Essays: My Hero in History

A hero is a man of graceful personality. He has an exemplary character with distinctive
deeds. He is the man who introduces ingenious ideas to make history. He must be a man of
exceptional qualities of heart and mind, unparalleled vigor and unique talent. Muslim
history is replete with great leaders. M.A. Jinnah is the bright star of his galaxy.
I would always remember Quaid-e-Azam” who has served as a role model for the
generations to come. He is like a guiding star providing direction to the people of Pakistan.
Quaid-e-Azam was born in Karachi on December 25, 1876. He was a very intelligent
student. On passing the Matriculation examination, he went to England to study law. After
four years, he as a barrister and started his practice in law in Karachi. Later, he shifted to
Bombay and became one of the leading lawyers.
Quaid-e-Azam” was a great- freedom fighter. In those days, the Indian national congress
was striving for freedom from British rule in India. Mr. Jinnah became its member and
started working for the freedom of the country. In 1906, All Indian Muslim League was
formed to safeguard the rights of the Muslims. Mr. Jinnah also fought for the rights of the
Quality, not quantity. should be the measure of one’s character. (Douglas Jerrold).
He believed in the co-operation and teamwork. The Muslim League and the Congress
fought for a common purpose against the British. It was mainly due to his efforts that luck
now pact was signed by both the parties. This pact recognized the Muslim’s claim for a
separate electorate but the congress was becoming entirely a Hindu lobby. So, Quaid-e-
Azam” left the congress when he came to know about its anti-Muslim agendas. Quaid-eAzam” was a dynamic leader. He devoted himself fully to the affairs of the Muslim League.
He presented the demands of the Muslims in his famous fourteen points at the round table
conference in London.
Personality is to man what perfume is to flower. (Charles Lamb)
By 1940, Quaid-e-Azam” was convinced that the Muslims could not hope for justice under
the Hindu majority. Therefore, in March 1940, the Muslim League, under his presidentship,
passed a resolution which demanded the division of India. It demanded an independent
Muslim state comprising Muslim majority provinces. His sincere efforts bore fruit and
Pakistan appeared on the world map on 14th August 1947.
Quaid E Azam became the 1st Governor-general of Pakistan. He worked hard day and night
for the progress of the young nation. He did not listen to the advice of the doctors to take
rest and died on 11th September 948. Quaid E Azam will always live in the hearts of
Pakistanis as the father of the nation. His words ‘Faith, unity and discipline” will always
inspire the people in their struggle for nation-building.
A man of courage is also full of faith. (Cicero)

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