2nd Year NotesEnglish class 12th


2nd year English Important Essays: Patriotism

Such is the patriot’s boast, wherever we roam, His first, best country ever is at home.
Patriotism means love and loyalty to one’s country. A true patriot would willingly die for the
honour of his country if there is a danger to her freedom. As it said:
Lovely and honourable! It is to die for one’s country.
It is the one of the most exalted and inspiring experience. Many a time, even the weaker
nations fought so bravely against the aggressors that the whole world was surprised. The
Greek conqueror was so much impressed by his volour and boldness that he freed him
along with titles and his country.
We cannot forget or underestimate the patriotism and determination of Tipu Sultan who
fought against the armies of the English and the Marathas. He was a man who was
intoxicated with the love of his country and stirred to action by his deep concern for the
freedom of the Indians against the rule of the East India company.
Being a great patriot, he fought against the selfish people and the foreign power and
modernized Turkey to make it fit for the respectable people to live in. The patriotism of a
nation shows how much life and honour it has got. Weaker nation always come to see bad
times when they lose love for their country.
I only regret that I have but only one life to lose for my country.
Patriotism has been called infectious because it usually inspires good and noble deeds.’ A
man who has so much regard for the other, people’s interests as for his own, will never
stoop to evil acts. The Greeks were ideal patriots. Each of them become a solider when the
country was in danger from this flowed their respect of the freedom of other peoples.
When the political and social conditions become bad in the country, patriotism inspires
certain noble soule to reform the country: They are snubbed from all sides, but they have
the will and determination to reform. Quid-e-Azam laid great stress upon such a patriotic
spirit. Once, addressing to student, he said: .
It was the duty of all patriotic Pakistanis to uproot all evil things. And that over country
could become respectable and prosperous only if educated people should a will to reform
It is the responsibility of all educated and sensible people to cultivate and develop a true
patriotic spirit which means the readiness to serve one’s country in war and peace. One
should not think that
Patriotism means fighting against other nation. The stress is upon doing good to our own
country and harm to none.
Swim or sink, live or die, survive or perish with my country was my unalterable

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