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Mr Chips chapter 15 questions answers notes

Goodbye Mr. Chips Chapter 15

chapter 15 questions answers

Short An Simple Questions Answers

  1. What did Chips say to the students when a bomb fell quite near them?
    • Ans. Chips said if it was their fate to be interrupted by explosions, they should be found doing something properly.
  2. What do you know of the shelling around Brookfield during the war?
    • Ans. During the shelling, the whole building shook as if it were being lifted off its foundations.
  3. What is the significance of November 11, 1918?
    • Ans. World War I ended on November 11, 1918, and a holiday was decreed. Mr. Chips also tendered his resignation the same day.
  4. Why did the term ‘stink merchant’ create laughter in the class?
    • Ans. The boys had nicknamed the science master, Mr. Burrow, the ‘stink-merchant.’ When Chips referred to the scientists who invented bombs as stink merchants, it made the boys laugh nervously.
  5. What happened to Chips on November 11, 1918?
    • Ans. On November 11, 1918, a damp, foggy day, Chips got a chill as he walked across the quadrangle to the dining hall. He had bronchitis and remained in bed until after Christmas.
  6. How did Brookfield celebrate the end of the war?
    • Ans. A whole holiday was decreed for the school, and the kitchen staff was requested to provide a cheerful spread. This led to much cheering and singing.
  7. Who was Maynard? What memories did Chips have about him?
    • Ans. Maynard was a chubby, dauntless, clever, and impudent boy. Chips remembered his reading during the heavy bombing around Brookfield.

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