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Goodbye Mr. Chips chapter 16

Goodbye Mr. Chips chapter 16 Questions answers

Short an Simple Questions answers

  1. Why could Mr. Chips not go abroad?
    • Ans: Mr. Chips had an unpleasant experience with cold weather during a visit to the Riviera in Italy. This made him decide not to go abroad again, saying, “I prefer to get my chills in my own country.”
  2. How did Chips feel in different seasons after his retirement?
    • Ans: During different seasons, Mr. Chips took care of himself when there were east winds, but he enjoyed autumn and winter with warm fires and books. However, he liked summer the best.
  3. Why did Chips like summer best?
    • Ans: Mr. Chips preferred summer because the weather suited him, and he enjoyed the continual visits of old boys who called at his house during the summer season.
  4. Who was Gregson?
    • Ans: Gregson was one of the old Brookfield boys who visited Mr. Chips during the summer. He was tall, wore spectacles, and had a reputation for being late in his work. He got a job with the League of Nations.
  5. How did England stand in contrast with the rest of the world in the post-war decade?
    • Ans: In the post-war decade, the world underwent many changes, but Chips disliked changes. He found solace in the fact that Brookfield and England had survived, and Brookfield had stood the test of time, change, and war.
  6. What service did Brookfield boys render during the General Strike of 1926?
    • Ans: During the General Strike of 1926, Brookfield boys loaded motor vans with foodstuff, providing essential services to the nation.
  7. How did Chips earn the reputation of being a great jester?
    • Ans: Mr. Chips earned the reputation of being a great jester because jokes were always expected of him, and his talk was filled with jokes and jests wherever he spoke.
  8. Why did Chips not attend the Old Boys’ dinners in London after 1929?
    • Ans: After 1929, Mr. Chips refrained from attending Old Boys’ dinners in London due to his fear of catching chills, and late nights began to tire him too much.
  9. How was Mr. Chips financially after his retirement?
    • Ans: Mr. Chips had no financial worries after his retirement. His income exceeded his expenses, and he had invested his small capital in stocks that didn’t face losses during economic slumps.
  10. What was Mr. Chips’ will?
    • Ans: Mr. Chips made his will in 1930. He left all he had to fund an open entrance scholarship to the school, with the exception of legacies to the mission and Mrs. Wickett.
  11. How did Chips criticize the government?
    • Ans: Chips criticized the government by comparing it to a man who promised nine pence for four pence when he was young. However, the present rulers seemed to give four pence for nine pence, according to his humorous remark.
  12. What was the joke about Wurlitzer?
    • Ans: Mr. Chips made a humorous remark when he was told that Wurlitzer was a cinema organ. He said, “Dear me, I’ve seen the name on the hoardings, but I always imagined it must be some kind of sausage…”

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