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Mr Chips chapter 1 question answers

CHAPTER 1 Important Questions

Goodbye Mr Chips is has total 18 chapters. The short question answers are given for every chapter.

CHAPTER 1 Important Short and easy Questions

Q.1. Who is the writer of the novel “Good Bye Mr. Chips”?

Ans: James Hilton is the writer of the novel “Good Bye Mr. Chips.”

Q.2. What was the real name of Mr. Chips?

Ans: His real name was Mr. Chipping, but his nickname was Mr. Chips.

Q.3. When was Mr. Chips born?

Ans: Mr. Chips was born in 1848 and was taken to the Great Exhibition in 1851 as a child.

Q.4. Where did Mr. Chips live after his retirement?

Ans: After retirement, Mr. Chips lived at Mrs. Wickett’s, just across the road from Brookfield School.

Q.5. How did Mr. Chips measure his time while living at Mrs. Wickett’s house?

Ans: Mr. Chips measured his time by the school bells of Brookfield.

Q.6. What did Mr. Chips do in his old age?

Ans: In his old age, Mr. Chips liked to sit by the fire, drink tea, listen to school bells, and read detective novels at night.

Q.7. What did Mr. Chips do before going to bed?

Ans: Before bed, he wound up the clock, put a wire guard in front of the fire, turned out the gas, and carried a detective novel to bed.

Q.8. Who was Dr. Merivale?

Ans: Dr. Merivale was Mr. Chips’ doctor and friend who admired his health and predicted he would die a natural death.

Q.9. What did Dr. Merivale advise when Mr. Chips caught a cold?

Ans: Dr. Merivale advised Mrs. Wicket to take special care of Mr. Chips because it was too cold for him.

Q.10. Who made a century when Chips came for an interview?

Ans: One of the Barnhurst boys made a brilliant century in a cricket match when Mr. Chips came for an interview at Brookfield.

Q.11. When and why did Mr. Chips join Brookfield?

Ans: Mr. Chips joined Brookfield in 1870 after teaching for a year at Melbury. He joined because he disliked his previous school, where discipline was poor and he was unhappy.

Q.12. Briefly explain his preliminary interview with Mr. Wetherby.

Ans: Mr. Chips had his first interview with Mr. Wetherby in July 1870. Wetherby advised him to take a firm attitude from the beginning to maintain discipline and welcomed his youth at the old foundation of Brookfield.

Q.13. What advice did Mr. Wetherby give to Mr. Chips, and what kind of person was Wetherby?

Ans: Mr. Wetherby was fatherly and courteous. He advised Mr. Chips to take a firm attitude from the beginning as the secret to maintaining discipline in the class.

Q.14. Who was the first boy punished by Mr. Chips at Brookfield?

Ans: Colley, a red-haired boy, was the first boy punished by Mr. Chips at Brookfield for dropping the desk lid during the first class.

Q.15. What did Mr. Chips say to the son of Mr. Colley?

Ans: Mr. Chips told the son of Mr. Colley that his father was the first boy he ever punished when he came to Brookfield twenty-five years ago and that he deserved it then, just as the son deserved it now.

Q.16. What did Mr. Chips say to the third Colley?

Ans: Mr. Chips remarked that the third Colley was a fine example of inherited traditions and that his grandfather was a stupid fellow, his father was no better, and he was the biggest fool of the lot.

Q.17. What was the fashion adopted by Mr. Chips during his youth days?

Ans: Mr. Chips had a fresh complexion, high collar, and side-whiskers, which was the fashion of his youth.

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