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Mr. Chips chapter 18 questions answers

Mr. Chips chapter 18

Short AN Simple questions answers

  1. What did Chips see and say when he regained consciousness?
    • Ans: When Chips regained consciousness, he found himself in bed with Dr. Merivale there. Dr. Merivale asked if he was feeling all right and informed him that he had fainted. Chips was surprised by the weakness of his voice.
  2. Why was Chips surprised after he regained consciousness?
    • Ans: Chips was surprised because of the weakness of his voice after regaining consciousness.
  3. What different scenes did Chips recall before his death?
    • Ans: Before his death, Chips recalled various scenes and heard voices, including memories of Kathie playing a Mozart trio, the sound of guns, Brookfield bells, jokes, and moments from his teaching career.
  4. How did Chips win the attention of others when he was on his deathbed?
    • Ans: Chips opened his eyes as wide as he could and tried to attract the attention of those around him. Although he couldn’t speak loudly, he murmured something that drew them closer to him.
  5. Draw a character sketch of Cartwright.
    • Ans: Cartwright was the Headmaster of Brookfield who succeeded Chatteris. He joined Brookfield in 1919 and had little interaction with Chips since Chips had resigned after World War I. Cartwright never knew that Mr. Chips was married.
  6. Why did Cartwright feel pity for Chips?
    • Ans: Cartwright expressed pity for Mr. Chips, believing he must have lived a lonely life. He also mentioned it was a pity that Chips never had any children.
  7. What did Cartwright say about Chips’ children?
    • Ans: Cartwright whispered to Merivale that it was a pity Chips never had any children. However, Chips protested, saying he had thousands of children, all of them being his students.
  8. Describe the death scene of Mr. Chips.
    • Ans: Mr. Chips’ mind was filled with dreams, faces, and voices just before his death. His own words and the names of his students resonated in his ears. His passing was peaceful.

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