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Mr Chips chaper 17 Questions Answers Notes

Goodbye Mr. Chips Chapter 17

Mr. Chips chapter 17 Short AN Simple Questions Answers

  1. What did Chips’ doctor say to him on a foggy morning in 1933?
    • Ans: The doctor asked Chips if he felt hale and hearty, advising him to stay indoors due to the prevalent flu.
  2. What were the two things Chips had never done in life?
    • Ans: Chips had never traveled by air, and he had never been to a talky show (cinema).
  3. What arrangements did Mrs. Wickett make for Mr. Chips before she went to visit her relatives?
    • Ans: Mrs. Wickett left tea things ready on the table with bread and butter, along with extra cups in case someone called on him.
  4. How did Chips respond to Linford’s query?
    • Ans: Chips didn’t disappoint the young visitor. He invited Linford to have a cup of tea with him and asked him to sit by the fire.
  5. How did Chips help Linford overcome his fear?
    • Ans: Chips reassured Linford by sharing his own experiences of arriving at Brookfield, emphasizing that the school would become less daunting as he got used to it.
  6. What different matters did Chips discuss with Linford?
    • Ans: Chips discussed various topics with Linford, including Shropshire (Linford’s hometown), school life, current news in the newspapers, and the challenges of growing up in a difficult world.
  7. How did Chips feel after seeing off Linford?
    • Ans: Chips was so tired that he couldn’t move. He leaned back in his chair and fell asleep in a sitting posture.
  8. What did Merivale envy about Mr. Chips?
    • Ans: Merivale envied Chips’ freedom and care-free life, wishing he could experience such a life for a day or two.
  9. Who was Linford?
    • Ans: Linford was a new boy at Brookfield, originally from Shropshire. He had no family relations at the school and had recently recovered from a stay in a sanatorium. He was the last boy to visit Chips before his death.
  10. What did Linford’s farewell meeting remind Chips of?
    • Ans: Linford’s farewell, saying “Good-Bye, Mr. Chips,” reminded Chips of Katherine Bridges, who had once mocked his seriousness using the same words some three decades ago.

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