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First Year English Book-1 “The Piece of String” Notes

Here are the questions and answers for Lesson No. 5: “The Piece of String” in a shorter and simpler format:

First Year English Book-1 “The Piece of String” Notes

Short an simple questions and answers

Q1. Why did Manana accuse Hubert of picking up the lost pocket-purse?

A1. Mr. Manana falsely accused Mr. Hubert due to baseless enmity.

Q2. Why did people doubt Hubert even when the pocketbook was returned by someone else?

A2. People considered Hubert a liar, and they were unwilling to believe him for any reason.

Q3. Why did George give the pocketbook to his employer?

A3. George couldn’t read the pocketbook, so he handed it to his employer.

Q4. What made Hubert feel ashamed?

A4. Being labeled a liar made Hubert feel ashamed.

Q5. Why did people mock Hubert’s innocence?

A5. Hubert’s earnest efforts to prove his innocence led people to make fun of him.

Q6. Why did Hubert continue to claim his innocence until his death?

A6. Hubert was genuinely innocent and couldn’t bear the humiliation of being called a liar, so he persisted in asserting his innocence.

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