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First Year English Book 1 Lesson No. 6: The Reward Notes

Here are the questions and answers for Lesson No. 6: “The Reward” in a shorter and simpler format:

First Year English Book 1 Lesson No. 6: The Reward Notes

Short an Simple questions and answers

Q1. What was the subject discussed at the club?
. The club discussed the theme of opportunity and determination.

Q2. What did Terbut think of Jorkens’ argument?
. Terbut disagreed with Jorkens, believing that determination alone wouldn’t guarantee success.

Q3. How did Jorkens convince that a man can become a skating champion of the Sahara?
. Jorkens explained that a man could achieve this by making money, building a skating rink in the Sahara, and dedicating all his time to become the champion.

Q4. What was the view of Gorgios’ parents?
. Gorgios’ parents believed that determination alone wasn’t enough for success.

Q5. What arrangements were made for the inauguration function?
. A red and gold curtain was hung along the wall, and there were height swings and hurdles arranged.

Q6. How did Gorgios feel on the occasion?
. Gorgios appeared slightly sad but was content and satisfied with his accomplishments.

Q7. Did Gorgios use shortcuts to achieve his ambition?
. No, Gorgios did not resort to shortcuts to achieve his ambition.

Q8. How long did Gorgios persist in pursuing his ambition?
. Gorgios dedicated more than sixty years to achieve his ambition, which he ultimately succeeded in.

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