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First Year English Book-1 (Thank You, M’am) Notes

First Year English Book-1 (Thank You, M’am) Notes

Here are the questions and answers for the lesson “Thank You, M’am” in a shorter and simpler format:

Short an easy Questions and Answers

Q1. When did the boy try to snatch the woman’s purse?

A1. The boy attempted to snatch the woman’s purse around 11 o’clock at night.

Q2. What happened to the boy when he tried to snatch the purse?

A2. The strap of the purse broke, causing the boy to lose his balance and fall.

Q3. How did the woman react?

A3. The woman kicked the boy, then grabbed and scolded him.

Q4. How did people nearby react when they saw the woman confronting the boy?

A4. Two or three people passing by stopped and observed the situation.

Q5. How did the boy appear physically?

A5. The boy, aged around 14-15, was thin and frail.

Q6. What was the boy’s condition when the woman confronted him?

A6. The boy became helpless and stopped struggling when the woman confronted him.

Q7. Why did the woman ask the boy to wash his face?

A7. The woman wanted to teach the boy right from wrong and believed in his potential to change.

Q8. Why didn’t the boy run away from the woman’s house?

A8. The boy wanted the woman to trust him and did not want to betray that trust.

Q9. Why didn’t the woman watch the boy while he prepared the meal?

A9. The woman wanted to demonstrate her trust in the boy and gave him space.

Q10. What was the woman’s occupation?

A10. The woman worked at a hotel beauty shop, where she attended to various clients, including blonds, redheads, and Spanish women.

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