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First Year English Book 1: “Dark They were, and Golden Eyed” Notes

Dark They were, and Golden Eyed” Notes

Here are the questions and answers for Lesson No. 3: “Dark They were, and Golden Eyed” in a shorter and simpler format:

Short an simple Questions and Answers

Q1. Why did Harry want to return to Earth?

A1. Harry wanted to leave Mars because he found the Martian climate dangerous.

Q2. Why did he ultimately decide to stay?

A2. There was no way back to Earth, so he and his family had to stay on Mars.

Q3. What kind of climate did they encounter on Mars?

A3. They faced a severe climate, with very hot summers, which had a transforming effect on them.

Q4. How did the Bittering family react upon hearing the news of the war on Earth?

A4. The news was hard to believe, and they became deeply disturbed. Harry was consumed by fear.

Q5. What did they plan to cultivate on Mars?

A5. They aimed to grow Earth’s vegetables and fruits on Mars.

Q6. What advice did Harry give to the people?

A6. Harry suggested building a rocket to return to Earth because the Martian climate was unsuitable.

Q7. How dangerous can a Martian virus be?

A7. A Martian virus can be extremely dangerous, capable of altering a person’s appearance and causing harm.

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