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First Year English Book-1: Clearing in the Sky Notes

Certainly, here are the questions and answers for Lesson No. 2: “Clearing in the Sky” in a shorter and simpler format:

Short an easy questions and answers

Q1. Why didn’t the old man follow the doctors’ advice?
The old man didn’t follow the doctors’ advice because he believed that if he stopped working, he would die soon.

Q2. What did the doctor tell the old man?
The doctor informed the old man that he had limited time left and should rest at home.

Q3. Where did the old man take his son?
The old man took his son to the mountaintop.

Q4. Had the son been to the mountaintop before?
Yes, except for the last three years, the son had visited the mountaintop multiple times.

Q5. What vegetables did the old man grow on his farm?
The old man grew potatoes, yams, and tomatoes on his farm.

Q6. Why did the old man choose the steep path?
The old man took the steep path to assess his physical fitness.

Q7. Why did the six-year-old son cry?
The son cried because he lost his little wooden plough in a furrow.

Q8. How did the old man feel at the age of seventy?
At seventy, the old man felt that he had lived most of his life, and memories were now his treasure. He wanted to enjoy his remaining days by revisiting old places.

Q9. Why did the old man plant his secret garden?
The old man planted his secret garden on rich soil different from his regular land to enhance the flavors of yams, tomatoes, and potatoes.

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