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Class 9th ch-11 Noise in the Environment

Class 9th ch-11 Noise in the Environment Book short questions & answers Notes on by Bilal Articles

Q .1 How do you define noise pollution?
Noise pollution is a form of noise that disrupts the normal functioning of life.

Q.2 How is transport a source of noise pollution?
Noise coming from the vehicles, airplanes, trains and ships cause noise pollution.

Q.3 How is construction work a cause of noise pollution?
The transport and equipment used at construction sites, Its grilling and perching sound is
a big source of noise pollution.

Q.4 How is use of technology causing noise pollution?
Unmonitored use of technology such as mobile phones, electricity generators, music
system and TV cause noise pollution.

Q.5 Why is noise dangerous for human health?
Noise pollution can cause problems like aggression, hearing loss, restlessness,
depression and insomnia etc.

Q.6 What kind of precautions may reduce noise coming from electronic devices?
The people need to develop some civic personality while using electrical devices.

Objective Type

Q1. Choose the word with correct spelling.


a) Irretant
b) Erritant
c) Irritent
✅d) Irritant


a) Spair
✅b) Spare
c) Speer
4) Spere


a) Civece
b) Cevic
✅c) Civic
d) Ceivic


a) Eccessively
✅d) Excessively


✅a) Decibels
b) Decibles
c) Dicebels
d) Decebels


a) Vahicles
b) Vahicels
✅c) Vehicles
d) Vehiculs


✅a) Environment
b) Enviranment
c) Anvironment
d) Enironment


a) Routune
✅b) Routine
c) Routene
d) Routene


✅a) Building
b) Bulding
c) Beilding
d) Beelding


a) Balievers
b) Beleivers
✅c) Believers
d) Beleivs


a) Residenshul
✅b) Residential
c) Resedentual
d) Residantual


✅a) Discomfort
b) Descomfort
c) Disconfurt
d) Discumfort


a) Unwaranted
✅b) Unwarranted
c) Umwarranted
d) Anwaranted


✅a) Pollution
b) Polution
c) Pollushan
d) Pollushion


a) Emense
b) Emmence
c) Emence
✅d) Immense

Q2. Choose the correct option according to the grammar.

16) You may sit wherever you like.

a) Pronoun
b) Question word
c) Interjection
✅d)Subordinating conjunction

17) Noise pollution is a serious issue.

a) Conjunction
b) Interjection
✅c) Adjective
d) Preposition

18) Unmonitored use of all these kinds makes them pollutants.

a) Noun
b) Verb
c) Phrase
✅d) Adjective

19) If left unchecked, it can have serious effects.

a) Verb
b) Main Clause
✅c) Conditional Clause
d) Phrase

20) For this people need to develop some civic responsibility.

a) Interrogative Pronoun
✅b) Infinitive
c) Noun
d) Gerund

21) Use of technology is another source noise pollution.

✅a) Of
b) With
c) For
d) By

Q3. Choose the correct meaning of the underline word.

22) Noise emitting vehicles.

✅a) Releasing
b) Taking
c) Reaction
d) Controlling

23) The word disrupt means:

a) Make easy
b) Smooth
c) Facilitate
✅d) Disturb

24) The word expedite means:

a) Slow
b) Dull
✅c) Fast
d) Improve

25) It is a big source of discomfort.

a) Pill
b) Pain
c) Time
✅d) Means

26) The word demonstrate means:

a) Dictate
✅b) Show
c) Experiment
d) Test

27) People must develop more awareness about noise pollution.

a) Rationalism
✅b) Knowledge
d) Reality

28) This has given rise to immense noise pollution, largely in the form of unwanted honking by the drivers.

a) Small
✅b) Huge
e) Nothing
d) Pathetic

29) The mushroom growth of residential colonies near airports and railways stations has exposed residents to permanent and unavoidable source of noise pollution.

a) Fainting
b) Fading
✅c) Growing
d) Rowing

30) It not only disturbs the general public but also affects construction workers by causing mental fatigue.

✅a) Distracts
b) Facts
c) Acts
d) Disperse

31) They also use electricity generators excessively.

a) Untimely
✅b) Extremely
c) Largely
d) Lately

32) It can cause depression and insomnia.

✅a) Sleeplessness
b) Tiredness
c) Fatigue
d) Plague

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