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Class 9th ch-10 DrugAddiction

Class 9th ch-10 DrugAddiction Book short questions & answers Notes on by Bilal Articles

Q .1 What are the affect of drug addiction?
Long term use of drugs causes permanent mental and physical sickness.

Q.2 What are the causes of the drug addiction?
Drug addiction is caused by genetic and environmental factors.

Q.3 What important role do rehabilitation centers play to control drug addiction?
These centers strictly supervision the victims. They provide complete medical guidance
and support to victims.

Q.4 What is the role of counseling in preventing drug addiction?
The factors that helps in rehabilitation of the drug victim is proper counseling. The sooner
it is done better for the victim.

Q.5 Why did families feel reluctant to take the drug victims to drug rehabilitation centers?
They are reluctant to the drug victim to rehabilitation centers for fear of being insulted by
their relatives and friends.

Q.6 What are the responsibilities if families to ensure complete recovery of such patients?
They must continue critically watch and counsel the victim for better motivation and

Objective Type

Q1. Choose the word with correct spelling. (1 x 22 = 22)

a) Torble
✅b) Trouble
c) Truble
d) Trrubble


a) Domistic
b) Doemistic
✅c) Domestic
d) Domastic


✅a) Clients
b) Klients
c) Cliants
d) Claents


a) Elimenate
b) Iliminate
✅c) Eliminate
d) Eliminae


a) Relepse
✅b) Relapse
c) Relayps
d) Relapes


a) Iddiction
✅b) Addiction
c) Adicetion
d) Eddiction


a) Nomorous
b) Numberous
c) Nomarous
✅d) Numerous


a) Ectivate
b) Ectiviate
✅c) Activate
d) Aectivate


a) Consurvation
b) Consarvation
✅c) Conservation
d) Cunservation


a) Tabo
b) Tabu
c) Tabbu
✅d) Taboo


✅a) Tendency
b) Tindency
c) Tendancy
d) Tendincy


✅a) Curative
b) Curetive
c) Curateve
d) Crative


✅a) Serious
b) Sarious
c) Searious
d) Saerious


✅a) Resort
b) Ressort
c) Rasort
d) Raesort


a) Envormmental
b) Invermontal
c) Invormental
✅d) Environmental


a) Experement
b) Experemant
✅c) Experiment
d) Exparament


✅a) Influence
b) Influance
c) Infloance
d) Influense


✅a) Careless
b) Careles
c) Caerless
d) Carless


✅a) Impossible
b) Imposible
c) Empossible
d) Implissble


✅a) Dependence
b) Dependense
c) Depandance
d) Dipendance


✅a) Drugs
b) Durgs
c) Dgrus
d) Dorogus


a) Defficult
✅b) Difficult
c) Deficult
d) Dificult

Q2. Choose the correct option according to the grammar. (1 x 11 = 11)

23) A relative pronoun is a word that works as:

a) Conjunction
b) Article
✅c) Adjective
d) Past participle

24) I was upset.

a) Past participle
b) Present participle
✅c) Personal pronoun
d) Gerund

25) My mother cooks the food which I like.

✅a) Relative pronoun
b) Reflexive pronoun
c) Possessive pronoun
d) Subjective pronoun

26) Drug addiction is a very serious threat.

✅a) Adverb
b) Noun
c) Adjective
d) Conjunction

27) The moment which is lost forever.

a) Indefinite pronoun
b) Reflexive pronoun
c) Possessive pronoun
✅d) Relative pronoun

28) Drugs are considered severely harmful for human health.

a) Adverb of reason
b) Adverb of place
✅c) Adverb of degree
d) Adverb of manner

29) The people who are dissatisfied and discontented.

a) Noun
b) Verb
c) Phrase
✅d) Relative noun

30) What do you understand by the term “Counseling”?

a) Verb
b) Noun
✅c) Interrogative adjective
d) None

31) These centers strictly supervise the victim.

a) Interrogative pronoun
✅b) Adverb of manner
c) Noun
d) Adjective

32) They undergo many serious problems such as poverty, family and health problems.

✅a) Abstract noun
b) Indirect object
c) Pronoun
d) Adverb

33) Drug addiction is a global issue.

a) Verb
✅b) Adjective
c) Noun
d) Article

Q3. Choose the correct meaning of the underline word (1 x 13 = 13)

34) Discontented means:

a) Satisfied
✅b) Dissatisfied
c) Attached
d) Detached

35) Taboo means:

a) Useful
b) Curative
✅c) Forbidden
d) Right

36) Hurt means:

a) Anxious
b) Tease
c) Disturb
✅d) Injure

37) In order to escape from:

a) Mellow
b) Hide
✅c) Scot free
d) Sharp

38) Drug addiction is a common problem.

a) Decided
b) Mutual
✅c) General
d) Famous

39) Out cast means:

a) Vagabound
b) Bond
✅c) Banned
d) Virtuous

40) We are trying to eliminate drug addiction.

a) Increase
b) Decrease
✅c) Wipe out
d) Maintain

41) Curative means:

a) Intend to health
✅b) Intend to cure
c) Intend to recover
d) Intend to richness

42) Genetic means:

a) Relating to public
b) Relating to human being
c) Relating to creation
✅d) Relating to genes

43) There are many forms of drug addiction, but the most dangerous of all is the absolute dependence on it.

a) Salute
✅b) Complete
c) Defective
d) Sloppy

44) One of the causes of drug addiction is bad peer influence.

a) Primary
b) Check
✅c) Have effects upon
d) Respect

45) There are many rehabilitation centers in Pakistan.

a) Process
✅b) Recovery
c) Undergo
d) Row

46) There is a danger of relapse even after the recovery process.

a) Start
b) Fall apart
c) Tab
✅d) Go back to

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