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Class 9th ch-12 “Three Days To See”

Class 9th ch-12 “Three Days To See” Book short questions & answers Notes on by Bilal Articles

Q .1 Who was Helen Keller?
Helen Keller was blind and deaf woman. She became a great authoress due to the might
of her will power.

Q.2 Describe thought expressed by the author in the first paragraph?
She that that we should live with gentleness, vigor and keenness. We should not follow
the motto “Eat, drink and be marry”.

Q.3 What make you feel that author is sad and depressed?
The author is sad and depressed the people with sign can see so little. Even thought she
can see better than people with sight.

Q.4 How do you get an impression that she was a great admirer of nature?
she was a great admirer of nature as she admired dawn, the pageant of seasons and

Q.5 People who are deprived of sight not devoid of imagination. Discuss, referring to the text.
People who are deprived of sight not devoid of imagination. The authoress of the lesson
is blind but her views prove that she had great imagination.

Q.6 “To me the pageant of seasons is an un-ending drama”, comment?
The sentence tells that the change in the seasons is endless. This is the law of nature.

Objective Type

Q1. Choose the word with correct spelling.


a) Sveetness
✅b) Sweetness
c) Swetness
d) Sweetnes


a) Domeed
✅b) Doomed
c) Dummed
d) Doumed


✅a) Revealed
b) Reveleed
e) Reweled
d) Revealeend


a) Dorment
b) Darment
c) Dormente
✅d) Dormant


✅a) Origin
b) Origience
c) Origine
d) Oregine


a) Ensight
b) Ensite
✅c) Insight
d) Insighte


✅a) Illustrate
b) Ellustrate
c) Ellustrete
d) Illostrate


a) Vigor
b) Vigore
✅c) Vigour
d) Vegour


✅a) Technology
b) Technolegy
c) Tachnology
d) Tchnology


a) Convolshuns
b) Convolentions
c) Convalutions
✅d) Convolutions


✅a) Excellent
b) Excelent
c) Exsellent
d) Exccelent


a) Fortoen
✅b) Fortune
c) Forchune
d) Fortane


a) Inanemate
b) Inenimate
c) Inenemate
✅d) Inanimate


a) Dalicate
✅b) Delicate
c) Dalikate
d) Delicete


✅a) Panorama
b) Penorama
c) Panaroma
d) Panurama


✅a) Pageant
b) Pagiant
c) Pagent
d) Pagaent


a) Tuch
b) Toch
✅c) Touch
d) Tuoch


✅a) Longing
b) Langinge
c) Lunosging
d) Laanging

Q2. Choose the correct option according to the grammar.

19) Night came on and the room grew dark. This is a/an

a) Simple sentence
✅b) Compound sentence
c) Complex sentence
d) Compound-complex sentence

20) If I were you, I should not do that. This sentence is a/an :

a) Type I
✅b) Type II
c) Type III
d) Imperative

21) I called him but he gave me no answer. This is a/an:

✅a) Compound
b) Complex
c) Simple
d) Conditional

22) They can stay where they are. The underline clause is an adverb clause of:

a) Condition
b) Time
c) Reason
✅d) Place

23) Most of us take life for granted. Is:

a) Compound sentence
✅b) Simple sentence
c) Complex sentence
d) Optative sentence

24) He led a life devoid of blame.

a) Adverb phrase
b) Noun phrase
✅c) Adjective phrase
d) Preposition phrase

25) They finished the work in time.

✅a) Simple sentence
b) Exclamatory sentence
e) Negative sentence Negative
d) Interrogative sentence

26) Sometimes I have thought that it would b e an excellent rule. Adjective in the sentence is:

a) It
b) Would be
✅c) Excellent
d) Rule

27) Revelation of beauty Is:

a) Noun
b) Verb
c) Pronoun
✅d) Phrase

28) The city becomes my destination.

✅a) Simple sentence
b) Complex sentence
c) Compound sentence
d) Imperative sentence

29) What I should most like to see if I was given the use of my eyes. This sentence is conditional:

a) Type I
✅b) Type II
c) Type III
d) Imperative

30) If I were the president of university, I should establish a compulsory course. The sentence is conditional:

a) Type I
✅b) Type II
c) Type III
d) Optative

Q3. Choose the correct meaning of the underline word.

31) The dawn was revelation of beauty.

✅a) Disclosure
b) Secrecy
c) Promotion
d) Demotion

32) Which of the following means the same as gradually

a) Quickly
b) Speedily
✅c) Steadily
d) Hurriedly

33) In an unwise manner. The underlined is a:

a) Sentence
✅b) Phrase
c) Simple sentence
d) Adverb

34) The beauty of Woods bewitches minds.

✅a) Forest
b) Hill
c) Desert
d) Sea

35) Apparently means:

a) Obviously
✅b) As it appears
c) Clearly
d) Unclear

36) Manifold means:

a) To demonstrate
b) To shake slightly
c) To act amusingly
✅d) Different types

37) The word astonish means:

a) Make
b) Mix
c) Separate
✔d) Surprise

38) Certainity of impending death.

a) Easy
b) Slow
✅c) Imminent
d) Crazy

39) The word vigour means:

a) Harbor
b) Weakness
c) Violence
✅d) Energy

40) The word quiver means:

a) To demonstrate
✅b) To shake slightly
c) To act amusingly
d) Clearly

41) The word texture means:

✅a) Structure
b) Appearance
c) Outlook
d) Cold

42) Reveal means:

✅a) Show
b) Hide
c) Write
d) Say

43) He would try to awaken their dormant faculties.

✅a) Inactive
b) Active
c) Weak
d) Alive

44) There are those, of course, who would adopt the epicurean motto.

a) Cherry
✅b) Eat, drink and be merry
c) Lorry
d) Tartary

45) In stories, the doomed hero is usually saved.

a) Trail
b) Chased
✅c) Certain to fail
d) Mail

46) In the shadow of death bring mellence sweetness to everything they do.

✅a) Become less extreme in behavior
b) Mild
c) Harmless
d) Calmness

47) I should behold with awe the magnificent panorama of life.

a) Jew
e) New
d) Hew
✅b) A view of wide area of land

48) They first day, I devoted to my friends, animate and inanimate

a) Holy
b) Trolly
c) Jolly
✅d) Not alive the way people, animals or plants are

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