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Mr Chips chapter 13 questions answers

Mr Chips chapter 13 questions answers

Goodbye Mr chips chapter 13 Important Questions

Short AN Simple questions answers

  1. What happened to Brookfield during World War I?
    • Ans. During World War I, military camps were established near Brookfield, and soldiers used the playing field for sports and training. Many younger masters either left the school or joined the army.
  2. What did Chatteris read out every Sunday night during the war?
    • Ans. Every Sunday night, after evening service, Chatteris read out the names of the old boys killed in the war, along with their biographies. It was a moving and solemn tradition.
  3. What did Chips feel when Chatteris read out biographies of War heroes?
    • Ans. Chips found it moving. He believed that they were more than just names to Chatteris, but he could see their faces with his mind’s eye and felt a deep connection.
  4. Draw a character sketch of Chatteris.
    • Ans. Chatteris succeeded Ralston as the Headmaster of Brookfield. He was a science graduate, got along well with Chips, and recognized Chips as an integral part of Brookfield. He urged Chips to rejoin the school during the war as it needed him. Chatteris sadly passed away in April 1917.
  5. What do you know of Forrester?
    • Ans. Forrester was the smallest new boy Brookfield had ever had, standing about four feet high above his muddy football boots. He tragically lost his life in 1918 during the Battle of Cambrai.
  6. What did Chatteris share with Chips regarding school staff?
    • Ans. Chatteris informed Chips that most of the young masters had joined the army. The new staff couldn’t perform as well, and Chatteris had to teach classes until midnight. He expressed his inability to continue in this manner.
  7. What request did Chatteris make to Chips about helping him?
    • Ans. Chatteris asked Chips to return to the school and assist him. He believed that Chips looked fit and requested him to be there and help hold things together, which were on the verge of falling apart during the war.
  8. What was the contribution of Brookfield School during World War I?
    • Ans. During World War I, Brookfield School offered its playing fields to soldiers for sports and training. Many of the younger masters joined the army to serve in the war. Additionally, the school held a solemn tradition where the Headmaster read out the names of old boys who had been killed in the war every Sunday night after evening service.

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