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First Year English Book 1 Lesson No. 7: The Use of Force Notes

First Year English Book-I Lesson No. 7 Notes

Here are the questions and answers for Lesson No. 7: “The Use of Force” in a shorter and simpler format:

Short an simple Questions and Answers

Q1. What was the condition of the parents upon the doctor’s arrival?
. They were nervous, especially the mother.

Q2. How did the child behave with the doctor?
. The child did not cooperate with the doctor and resisted violently.

Q3. Did she have a fever for three days?
. Yes, she had a fever for three days.

Q4. Did the girl change her expression when the doctor asked about her throat?
. No, she did not change her expression.

Q5. Why did the doctor call the sick girl by her first name?
. The doctor used her first name to establish trust.

Q6. Did the sick girl respond promptly to the doctor’s instructions?
. The sick girl did not respond to the doctor’s instructions.

Q7. Why did the parents scold her?
. The child knocked down the doctor’s glasses, prompting the parents to scold her.

Q8. What threat did the doctor make to the child if she didn’t show her throat?
. The doctor threatened to examine her using force.

Q9. Why did she break the wooden blade?
. She did not want the doctor to examine her throat, so she broke the wooden blade when he attempted to do so.

Q10. What was the condition of the sick girl?
The girl had diphtheria, with membranes covering both tonsils.

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