Computer class 12th

Computer Science Class 12 Chapter 7 Ms. Access Forms And Report Test Paper

Q.1: Tick the correct Option.

1. Auto form displays one record at a time.

(a) Columnar

(b) Tabular

(c) Datasheet✅

(d) Justified

2. Forms and control are collectively recognized as:

(a) Properties

(b) Methods

(c) Events

(d) Objects✅

3. A form is an object of

(a) Table

(b) Database✅

(c) Query

(d) Report

4. How many reports layout are?

(a) 2

(b) 3✅

(c) 4

 (d) 5

5. Which of the following is used to retrieve data from database and represent it to the user in a formatted way?

(a) Form

(b) Query

(c) Table

(d) Report✅

Q.2: Give answer to any eight short questions of the following.

1. Write use of columnar form in MS-Access.

2. Write any two advantages of a form.

3. Define combo box.

4. Write the purpose of radio button.

5. What is the concept of Sub Form?

6. Define list box.

7. How is form created for a single table.

8. What is report?

9. How can you apply sort order to the report?

Q.3: Give answer to any two questions of the following.

 (a) Define form and explain its different types in detail.

(b) Write the procedure to create a form by using wizard.

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