Computer class 12th

Computer Science Class 12 Chapter 8 Getting Started With C Test Paper

Q.1: Tick the correct Option.

1. C-language was developed in:

(a) 1962

(b) 1969

(c) 1970✅

(d) 1972

2. The extension of C source program is:

(a) .h

(b) .c✅

(c) .obj

(d) .exe

3. Which of the following key is used to save a file?

(a) F2✅

(b) F5

(c) F3

(d) F9

4. Header file in C contains:

(a) Header

(b) Compiler command

(c) Library function✅

(d) Operators

5. The name of header file is written between

(a) { }

(b) ( )

(c) < >✅

 (d) {>

Q.2: Give answer to any eight short questions of the following.

1. What is difference between linker and loader.

2. Define a Bug.

3. List two reasons why it would be preferable to write a program in C rather than in machine Language.

4. What is programming language?

5. Briefly describe the basic structure of C program.

6. Write any three characteristic of High level programming.

7. Writ any three debugging features of Turbo C++

8. How can we save The C program. Write procedure.

9. What is syntax error?

Q.3: Give answer to any two questions of the following.

 (a) What is process of written a program in C language.

(b) Briefly describe the history of C.

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