Class Matric Part 1 NotesEnglish class 9th


Class 9th Ch- 3 MEDIA AND ITS IMPACT Book short questions & answers Notes on by Bilal Articles

Q .1 What is the most important function that media performs?
the most important function of media is its role as the most powerful device of

Q.2 What are two major means of communication?
The two major means of communication are electronic media and print media.

Q.3 How does media provide entertainment?
Media entertain us through films, radio, debates, television programs, internet, books,
magazines and newspapers.

Q.4 What happened when media is allowed to play its role unchecked?
It spreads false news against government.

Q.5 Give three reasons in support your favorite TV program?
I like Neelam Ghar for the following reasons:
i. It is very informative program.
ii. It provides entertainment as well.
iii. It promotes brotherhood, unity and ideology of Pakistan.

Objective Type

Q1. Choose the word with correct spelling. (1 x 17 = 17)

a) Useual
b) Usual✅
c) Uasual
d) Ussual


a) Entertain✅
b) Entretain
c) Intertain
d) Entartain


a) Awereness
b) Awareness✅
c) Awarenas
d) Awarenees


a) Eogar
b) Eogor
c) Eigor
d) Eager✅


a) Ambitoin
b) Ambition✅
c) Ambetion
d) Embition


a) Through✅
b) Thrugh
c) Throagh
d) Thraugh


a) Ebsolute
b) Abselute
c) Absulote
d) Absolute✅


a) Opinion✅
b) Openion
c) Opineon
d) Openon


a) Eagirly
b) Eagerly✅
c) Eagerrly
d) Eggerly


a) Informatin
b) Infarmation
c) Infermation
d) Information✅


a) Audence
b) Audince
c) Audience✅
d) Audiance


a) Intigral
b) Integral✅
c) Antegral
d) Entegral


a) Politely
b) Polately
c) Plitely
d) Polytely


a) Communication✅
b) Comunication
c) Cammunication
d) Cooummunecation


a) Media
b) Mydeia
c) Media✅
d) Moedia


a) Attract✅
b) Atreak
c) Atract
d) Atrect


a) Student✅
b) Studant
c) Stjudent
d) Stdunet

Q2. Choose the correct option according to the grammar. (1 x 10 = 10)

1)This is my book.Here book is a/an

a) Pronoun
b) Adjective
c) Verb
d) Noun✅

2) are a doctor.

a) Adverb
b) Pronoun✅
c) Verb
d) Noun

3)Media helps people knowledge.

a) Infinitive✅
b) Noun
c) Auxiliary
d) Article

4) are born great.The underlined word is a/an

a) Personal pronoun
b) Reflexive pronoun
c) Indefinite pronoun✅
d) Possessive pronoun

5) go to school daily.The underlined word is a/an .

a) Relative pronoun
b) Personal pronoun✅
c) Indefinite pronoun
d) Reflexive pronoun

6)You will hart yourself.Here yourself is a pronoun .

a) Personal pronoun
b) Reflexive pronoun✅
c) Possessive pronoun
d) Indefinite pronoun

7)Media th large attention of a very audience.

a) Attractive
b) Attracting
c) Attracts✅
d) Attract

8)The students look forward.The underlined word is

a) Adverb of time
b) Adverb of frequency
c) Adverb of degree
d) Adverb of manner✅

9)”Knowledge of the world” is

a) Adjective
b) Phrase✅
c) Verb
d) Preposition

10)Do you agreeme?

a) None of these
b) With✅
c) So
d) In

Q3. Choose the correct meaning of the underline word (1 x 11 = 11)

1)The wordmeans

a) Demonstration
b) Expression
c) Reporting✅
d) Planning

2)The topic for today’s discussion is Role of media and its .

a) Outstanding
b) wonderful change
c) Powerful effects✅
d) Lovely change

3)The students are all

a) Ready✅
b) Sure
c) Nasty
d) Society

4)The students attend her class.

a) Permanently
b) Rightly✅
c) Absolutely
d) Full of keen desire

5)Media plays a very role foe society.

a) Complex
b) Positive✅
c) Negative
d) Easy

6)She takes the roll-call.

a) Turn
b) Bread roll
c) Phone call
d) Attendance check✅

7)We in different games

a) Watch
b) Take part✅
c) Like
d) Choose

8)Can we say the world is

a) Very near✅
b) Far away
c) In the way
d) Out of the way

9) means

a) Realization
b) Bad
c) Goodness
d) Conscious✅

10) means

a) Tall
b) Complete✅
c) Victim
d) Aware

11)Media plays a very constructive foe society.

a) Function✅
b) Awareness
c) Opinion
d) Information

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