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Class 9th Ch- 2 PATRIOTISM

Class 9th Ch- 2 PATRIOTISM Book short questions & answers Notes on by Bilal Articles

Q .1 How will you define Patriotism?
Patriotism means love for one’s country.

Q.2 What are the qualities of a patriot?
A patriot is always to lay down everything for his country.

Q.3 As a citizen of Pakistan what are your duties towards your country?
As a citizen of Pakistan, our duty is to safe guard the sovereignty, integrity and honor of or country.

Q.4 What make us stay alert in the wake of foreign invasion?
Patriotism makes us alert in the wake of foreign invasion.

Q.5 How will you elaborate Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Li Jinnah’s quote? “We must develop a sense of patriotism which galvanizes us all into one united and strong nation “
According to this quote,I can conclude that patriotism is the only source which can bind us as a united and strong nation.

Objective Type

Q1. Choose the word with correct spelling. (1 x 16 = 16)

a) Civilzation
b) Civializtion
c) Civilization✅
d) Ciavilization


a) Farign
b) Foreign✅
c) Foregn
d) Foraign


a) Ristrain
b) Restrain✅
c) Restrein
d) Ristran


a) Courege
b) Courage✅
c) Couroge
d) Caourage


a) Soldier✅
b) Soldiar
c) Soljur
d) Soldeir


a) Sacrefice
b) Sacrifice✅
c) Sacrefise
d) Secrifice


a) Invesion
b) Envasion
c) Invesion
d) Invasion✅


a) Enrmity
b) Anormity
c) Enoremity
d) Enormity✅


a) Commendeble
b) Commendable✅
c) Comandable
d) Comendeble


a) Literature✅
b) Lieterature
c) Leiterature
d) Literatuere


a) Devotion✅
b) Davotion
c) Devation
d) Divotion


a) Contenuoiulsy
b) Continuously✅
c) Contienusly
d) Contenuosly


a) Emergance
b) Emergence✅
c) Emegunce
d) Emargence


a) Potriotism
b) Petriotism
c) Patriotism✅
d) Pitriotism


a) Divvod
b) Devoid✅
c) Dovod
d) Dveoid


a) Motherland✅
b) Matherland
c) Metherland
d) Mitherland

Q2. Choose the correct option according to the grammar. (1 x 9 = 9)

1) Quaid-e-Azam was a nation builder.The sentence is a/an .

a) Past perfect tense
b) Future tense
c) Past tense✅
d) Present tense

2) Teach him to learn.The sentence is a /an

a) Interrogative pronoun
b) Negative sentence
c) Assertive sentence
d) Imperative sentence✅

3) Offers sacrifices for the country? The underlined word is a

a) interrogative sentence✅
b) Possessive pronoun
c) Reflexive pronoun
d) Relative pronoun

4) What a beautiful painting!

a) Assertive sentence
b) Exclamatory sentence✅
c) Negative sentence
d) interrogative sentence

5) Does the Sun rise in the east? This is a /an .

a) Interrogative sentence✅
b) Assertive sentence
c) Negative sentence
d) Imperative sentence

6) The spirit of patriotism us stay alert.The underlined word is

a) Noun
b) Pronoun
c) Causative verb✅
d) Adjective

7) The underlined sentence is

a) Imperative sentence
b) Negative sentence
c) Passive voice✅
d) Pronoun

8) No compromise be understand sentence.The underlined word is

a) Noun
b) Pronoun
c) Adverb
d) Modal verb✅

9) We must develop a sense patriotism.The underlined word is

a) None of these
b) Noun
c) Preposition✅
d) Indefinite

Q3. Choose the correct meaning of the underline word (1 x 8 = 8)

1) He gave the Muslim a sense of identity.

a) Pleasure
b) Recognition✅
c) Strength
d) Power

2) Inspired means

a) Boring
b) unexciting
c) Encouraged
d) Motivated✅

3) All of them Nishan-e-Haider.The underlined word means

a) Cheated
b) Granted✅
c) Protected
d) Wanted

4) The word patriot comes from the world

a) Citizen
b) Poor
c) Rich
d) Countryman✅

5) It is considered a quality.

a) Admirable✅
b) Poor
c) Rude
d) Guilty

6 Patriotism means love for the motherland or to one’s country.

a) Promotion
b) Loyalty✅
c) Cruelty
d) Lovely

7) Integrity and honour are value.

a) Top✅
b) Nop
c) Hope
d) Court

8) This is my land.

a) Abhorred
b) hated
c) From one’s motherland✅
d) Monitor

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