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Most Important SQs

Q1) You should not keep checking if the bleeding has stopped? Why?
Q2) How is an antibiotic cream or ointment good in healing the wound?
Q3) How can people achieve perfection in the moral, spiritual and social areas of life?
Q4) What made the non-Muslims bring their suits to the Rasool(s.a.w)?
Q5) Why did non-Muslims trust the Rasool(s.a.w)?
Q6) How did the Rasool(s.a.w) resolve the issue?
Q7) How did the Rasool(s.a.w) set high and noble ideas for ” all mankind?
Q8) How does the Holy Quran describe the personal of the Rasool(s.a.w)?
Q9) What will happen after the rain stops?
Q10) What do the rich and poor leaves stand for?
Q11) What according to the poet is a sweet noise?
Q12) How is a newspaper more convenient medium of news?
Q13) How does television make us lazy?
Q14) What is one good thing about newspapers
Q15) Why do some people read more than one newspaper?
Q16) How does a viewer get restricted while watching T.V news? c
Q17) Which medium do you prefer for news? Why?
Q18) Why does Chinese dinner consist eight or nine dishes?
Q19) What do decorations on doors and windows symbolize?
Q20) Why is Chinese New Year never on the same day each year?
Q21) What do the little red envelopes filled with money symbolize?
Q22) What is the significance of New Year’s Eve dinner?
Q23) When does Chinese New Year start?
Q24) What are some distinctions of the writer?
Q25) How has the writer spent his summer vacation?
Q26) What can we learn from failure?
Q27) How is failure not a disgrace?
Q28) How many times should we try and why?
Q29) What should we do if we find our task hard?
Q30) What is wind doing to all man’s work?
Q31) How does the scene look like when wind is still?
Q32) Why is it necessary to keep away soap from the wound?
Q33) When do you need to see a doctor?
Q34) What should you first-aid kit consists of?
Q35) What is meant by “right profession””?
Q36) How can career counselors help the young people?
Q37) What were some famous careers for the young people in the past?
Q38) What has he gained from his summer jobs experience?

Translate the following paragraph into Urdu:


water is another critical item for all crops. Massive amount of water is required during the growing season for cultivation. In fact, agricultural production consumes more fresh water than any other human activity. In many countries, people are facing shortage of fresh water. Competition for water resources among individuals, regions, and countries and associated human activities is already occurring with the current world population. Water resources, critical for irrigation, are under great.


The alarming and incessant growth of population is causing serious economic problems in almost all continents. Great pressure is being placed on arable land, water, energy and biological resources. As the world population grows, the food problem will become increasingly severe. The most vulnerable will be population in developing countries. The per capita availability of food grains has been declining for the past 25 years. Certainly with a quarter million people being added to the world population each day, the need then for grains and all other food will reach unprecedented levels.


Another popular custom is to hang up signs and posters on doors and windows with the chines word fu written on them, which means luck and happiness. Buying flowers for the home is also commonplace since they symbolize the coming of spring and a new beginning.


It is a traditional practice for adults to give children little red envelopes filled with money in order to symbolize wealth and prosperity for the coming year. It is also common for elders to present red packets to unmarried members of the family. Envelopes are not to be opened until the recipient has left the home of the giver.


Handling minor accidents at home or on the road develops a sense of srisis management. This may prepare people to tackle with unexpected emergencies with great confidence. Minor cuts and scrapes usually do not need to go to the emergency room. Yet proper care is essential to avoid infection or other complications. Following guidelines can help you to handle crisis and take care of all.


Minor cuts and scrapes usually stop bleeding on their own. If they don’t, apply gentle pressure with a clean cloth or bandage hold the pressure continuously for 20 to 30 seconds and if possible elevate the wound. Don’t keep checking to see if the bleeding has stopped because this may damage or dislodge the clot that is forming and cause bleeding to resume. If blood spurts or continues flowing after continuous pressure, seek medical assistance.


Change the dressing at least daily or whenever it becomes wet or dirty. If you are allergic to the adhesive used in most bandages, switch to adhesive-free dressings or sterile gauze held in place with paper tape, gauze roll or a loosely applied elastic bandage. These supplies generally are available at pharmacies.


Newspapers do not require us to sit at a place and read the news. Busy people may read the papers anytime of the day. They may read the news that is important to them early in the news that is important to them early in the morning, and carry the paper with them to read in the bus or van. They nay also chose to omit certain aspects of the news that they are not interested in.


Each medium has strengths that the other does not. Each makes use of strong points that the other lacks. Television news is like having a fast food meal whereas reading newspapers is like having a ten course dinner. The ideal seems to be, if one has the time. to both read the news and watch it on television.


Newspaper can give us the more in-depth coverage. Editorials and column writers can give us their expert views and analysis that we can digest slowly as we read them. Many people also opt to read more than one newspaper a day so as to get different viewpoints of the story and to check for its validity.


Today, life has become more dynamic and innovative.Gone are the days when the medical and engineering fields were the only available choices. Now a whole world of non-traditional careers, from IT, electronic media and web networking to online business portals and fashion designing, are available for young people.


The scope of any field in terms of market demand should also be considered very seriously. We cannot practically deny the significance of hiring trends; for example, a decade ago when computer science professionals were in demand, masses of MCS (Master of Computer Science) students flooded the market with extremely disappointing results.


Books are a source of comfort for us. They are a safe shelter. Throughout human history man has found peace in the written works.Books are bridges – through there pages we make our contact with society. Those who read more are better prepared to face the world than those who don’t read.


It is important we work to give every person the opportunity to enjoy books as shelters,
sustenance, and roads forward. To imagine a world without books is to imagine a world without through, feeling, compassion, history, or voice.


Competition for water resources among individuals, regions, and countries and associated human activities is already occurring with the current world population. Water resources, critical forirrigation, are under great stress as populous cities, states, and countries require and withdraw more water from rivers, lakes, and aquifers every year. A major threat to maintaining future water supplies is the continuing over-use of surface and ground water resources.


Certainly improved technology will assist in more effective management and use of resources, but it cannot produce an unlimited flow of those vital natural resources that are the raw materials for sustained agricultural production. For instance, fertilizers enhance the fertility of eroded soils, but humans cannot make topsoil. Indeed, fertilizers made from finite fossil fuels are presently being used to compensate for eroded topsoil. A productive and sustainable agricultural system depends on maintaining the integrity of biodiversity.


Once Hazrat Umar (RA), sitting in the Mosque of the Holy Prophet (SAW), was busy in the affairs of the state. Tow young men, holding a strong and study countryman, appeared before him. They complained to Hazrat Umar (RA) that the person had murdered their old father. They demanded justice by punishing the murder for his crime.


Fossil energy is another prime resource used for food production. Nearly 80 percent of the world’s fossil energy is being used by the developed countries. The intensive farming technologies of the developed countries use massive amounts of fossil energy for fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation, and for machines as a substitute for human labour. In developing countries, fossil energy has been used primarily for fertilizers and yields rather than to reduce human labour input. Because fossil energy is a finite resource, its depletion accelerates as population needs for food escalate thus, cost of fuel increases everywhere.


The third day dawned. The accusers and the surety were present at the Mosque of the Holy Prophet (SAW). They were waiting for the criminal. As time passed, Sahabah (RA) felt anxious for the fate of Hazrat Abuzar Ghaffari (RA). When only an hour remained, both the accusers come forward and demanded from Hazrat Abuzar Ghaffari (RA) their man.


When the whole court was in a worried state of mind, the villager reached there perspiring from head to foot. As he entered, he saluted the Caliph and said, ‘Allah be praised for His mercy I was able to make my uncle trustee of the gold. As you see I am right in time, do not delay the execution.


Hazrat Abuzar Ghaffari (RA): Commander of the Faithful, the man was totally a stranger to me. I had never know or seen him before. But when out of all the bystanders, he selected me as his surety I could not but agree. If he had not returned, I would have gladly laid down my life for him.


On hearing these words, the audience present in the court gave cries of joy and applause and the face of the Caliph beamed with pleasure as he said, “Young men, the blood money will be paid to you from the peoples’ Treasury, and Allah will reward for this goodness on the Day of judgment.”


There was a time when any student’s future plans revolved around becoming a doctor, a pilot or an engineer. These few disciplines were thought to be the only fields that could offer rewarding careers in terms of both respect and money. Resultantly, students were unaware of other opportunities that could, perhaps, have been more advantageous.

Most Important Essays & Paragraphs

Most Important Essays

1) My Last Day at School
2) A True Muslim
3) My House
4) Courtesy
5) A Cricket Match/Hockey Match
6) Quaid e Azam
7) Sports and Games
8) Village Life
9) Television
10) My Hobby
11) My Best Friend

Most Important Paragraphs

1) My School
2) My Neighboure
3) A Road Accident
4) Fashions
5) A Dream
6) A House on Fire
7) Girl Guides
8) A River in Flood
9) A Picnic Party
10) The Teacher I Like The Best

Change any FIVE of the following sentences into indirect form. (05)

  1. The student said to the teacher, “I am sorry that I am late
  2. I said to him, “Where are you going?”
  3. I said to him, “Did you enjoy the movie?”
  4. I said to her, “Do you know him?”
  5. He said to me, “Will you listen to me?”
  6. He said, “What do you want me to do?”
  7. The judge said, “Have you anything more to say?”
  8. Adnan said, “Had you left Karachi before writing this letter?”
  9. The mother said, “Shall we invite the Qureshis’ also?”
  10. She said, “May you prosper
  11. She said to her father, “May you live long
  12. He said to her, “Please fetch me a glass of water
  13. He said to his friend, “Please lend me your bike for a day
  14. She said to them, “Let us not deceive ourselves
  15. Roshana said, “Let us finish our work first
  16. She said to her sister, “Please say something
  17. The teacher said, “Who is the next on list?”
  18. The pupil said, “Where have I eased?”
  19. The stranger said, “Which is the way to zoo?”
  20. The teacher said, “Who is the author of this book?”
  21. The teacher said, “Whose is this book?”
  22. Raza said, “Where are you going?”
  23. My mother said, “May God bless you!”
  24. She said, “May God save the country!”
  25. They said to the king, “Long live!”
  26. Mohan said, “What a pity!”
  27. I said, “How stupid he is!”
  28. “What a terrible sight it is!” said the traveller
  29. He said, “I will do it now
  30. He says, “Honesty is the best policy
  31. She says, “We love and respect our neighbours very much
  32. She said, “What a pity you missed that function
  33. He said, “Alas! We cannot defeat our enemies
  34. He said, “How well she sings
  35. She said, “What a beautiful piece of art it is
  36. She said to me, “Do not waste time in idle talk
  37. The judge said, “Call the next witness
  38. She said, “Is this your book?”
  39. She said to me, “You are a lazy boy
  40. He said, “I hope you will not repeat this mistake
  41. Afshan said, “They will wait for us for one hour only
  42. She said, “I shall never do such a thing
  43. He says,” Abi, I am going”
  44. She said, “Aunt good morning”
  45. She said, “Good night, mother”
  46. They said to the teacher, “These books are our sir
  47. She said to me, “Open the window
  48. The captain said to the soldiers, “Attack the enemy
  49. I said to him, “Leave this place at once
  50. The teacher said to the students, “Listen to me attentively
  51. The Principal said to the peon, “Ring the bell
  52. The master said to the servant, “Fetch me a glass of water
  53. I said to him, “Please bring me a glass of water
  54. I said to my friend, “Please lend me your book
  55. He said, “Can you dance?” And I said, “No
  56. My mother said, “Will you come home on time?” And I said, “Yes
  57. She said to me, “You didn’t break the window, did you?”
  58. He said to Geeta, “You are going to the station, aren’t you?”
  59. Hari said, “I have to work a lot
  60. Hari said, “I had to work a lot
  61. Rohan said, “Hurrah! We won the match
  62. Reema said, “Alas! Karina’s mother is suffering from cancer
  63. Ramu said, “I saw a lion in the forest
  64. Satish said to me, “I am very happy here
  65. He said, “I can do this work
  66. I said to my friend, “He has been working very hard
  67. My friend said to me, “I shall go to Delhi tomorrow
  68. I said, “I agree to what he said
  69. She said, “I did not go to school yesterday
  70. He said, “I completed my drawing half an hour ago
  71. She said, “They have not eaten their meals
  72. They said, “We have done our duty
  73. He said to me, “You are not running very fast
  74. He said, “They are not doing their duty well
  75. Afshan said, “I am sewing mother’s shirt
  76. He said, “I am watering the plants in the garden
  77. She said, “I am helping my mother in the kitchen
  78. Arif and Ayesha said to their mother, “We like mangoes


  • This guess paper consists of the most important questions from exam’s point of view.
  • This does not mean that the entire paper will come from it.
  • These guess-papers can help you pass the exam if you didn’t prepare well.
  • Prepare the complete syllabus along with it if you wish to secure high marks.

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