Computer class 12th

Computer Science Class 12 Chapter 3 Data Basic Design Process Test Paper

Q.1: Tick the correct Option.

1. Which of the following is not included is the definition of entity?

(a) person

(b) object

(c) concept

(d) Action✅

2. Customers, cars are example of:

(a) Entities✅

(b) Attributes

(c) Cardinals

(d) Relationship

3. Duplicate data in multiple data files is called

(a) Data redundancy✅

(b) Data consistency

(c) Program dependency

(d) Data integrity

4. Ingredient of data modeling which defines the nature of the relationship among entities:

(a) Modality

(b) Cardinality✅

(c) Object

(d) Attribute

5. A database consist of various components called:

(a) properties

(b) Tool

(c) Entities✅

(d) Objects

Q.2: Give answer to any eight short questions of the following.

1. Define implementation.

2. What do you know about integrity constraint?

3. Enlist data distribution strategy.

4. What is database design?

5. What are criteria to select file organization?

6. Define system analysis.

7. Define the term feasibility.

8. Define cardinality.

9. Define ER diagram.

10. What is an attribute? Give an example.

Q.3: Give answer to any two questions of the following.

 (a) Briefly explain the different components of logical model.

(b) Discuss different types of relationship relationships. Explain with example.

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