2nd Year NotesEnglish class 12th

2nd Year English Chapter 11 Good By Mr’s Chips MCQ’s

2nd Year English Important MCQ’s Chapter 11 Good By Mr’s Chips

Important MCQ’s Chapter 11 Good By Mr’s Chips

1: Ralston was ruthless.
a) kind
b) diligent
c) unforgiving✅
d) moody

2: Ralston was a live-wire.
a) energetic person✅
b) sluggish
c) lazy person
d) unkind

3: Abruptly, Chips flamed up.
a) slowly
b) suddenly✅
c) finally
d) angrily

4: His methods of teaching were slack.
a) effective
b) careless✅
c) good
d) fast

5: Ralston told that he ignored his instructions, an insubordination.
a) careless
b) irresponsible
c) disobedience✅
d) laziness

6: Ralston told Chips that his habits were slovenly.
a) nice
b) good
c) dirty✅
d) impressive

7: It was his forbearance.
a) patience✅
b) wisdom
c) ignorance
d) insult

8: He had put up with him so long.
a) tolerate✅
b) put out
c) put on
d) take off

9: Chips in sheer bewilderment said, “Slovenly”?
a) complete✅
b) little
c) mere
d) scanty

10: Chips in sheer bewilderment said, “Slovenly”?
a) fun
b) admiration
c) happiness
d) amazement

11: It was an extra ordinary indictment.
a) accusation✅
b) appreciation
c) request
d) surprise

12: Chips chose an isolated word, slovenly.
a) separate✅
b) disappointed
c) particular
d) rejected

13: It was mixture of slackness and obstinacy.
a) stubbornness✅
b) ignorance
c) clearance
d) approval

14: He stuck to his old methods that resulted in chaos.
a) confusion✅
b) order
c) efficiency
d) prudence

15: Chips was something tangible that he could tackle.
a) substantial✅
b) futile
c) unreal
d) useless

16: At last Chips had something tangible that he could tackle.
a) understand
b) handle✅
c) ignore
d) focus

17: His predecessors approved of his methods.
a) colleagues
b) companions
c) fellows
d) forerunners

18: In a torrent of thoughts, Chips made answer to himself.
a) fancy
b) mixture
c) confusion
d) stream

19: Chips thought that Ralston had brought vulgar, ostentatious and all the hectic rotten ripeness of the age.
a) short
b) weak
c) strong
d) pretentious

20: Chips thought that Ralston had brought vulgar, ostentatious and all the hectic rotten ripeness of the age.
a) spoiled
b) delayed
c) fast and furious✅
d) mundane

21: They greedily swallowed the bait.
a) guided
b) accepted✅
c) liked
d) rejected

22: All this flashed through his mind in an instant of protest and indignation.
a) eagerness
b) pleasure
c) wrath✅
d) disappointment

23: There was such a spontaneous outburst of sympathy.
a) extempore✅
b) futile
c) useless
d) furious

24: Chips had never envisaged this in his wildest dreams.
a) refuted
b) imagined✅
c) rejected
d) utilized

25: The dislike for Ralston demolished respect for him.
a) destroyed✅
b) imagined
c) thought
d) viewed

26: Ralston did not succeed in banishing Chips.
a) disturbing
b) insulting
c) humiliating
d) dismissing

27: Chips was an old veteran.
a) immature
b) inexperienced person
c) unique
d) experienced person

28: He had been having the deuce of a row with Ralston.
a) quarrel✅
b) slackness
c) pleasure
d) triumph

29: Ralston claimed to have doubled the school endowment.
a) strength
b) numbers
c) employees
d) funds

30: Ralston had doubled the school endowment by playing some monkeving.
a) tricking✅
b) answers
c) information
d) entertainment

31: Ralston had started chucking his weight about with Chips.
a) using language
b) using authority✅
c) using wealth
d) using seniority

32: Chips recounted the event many times.
a) imagined
b) remembered
c) described✅
d) accepted

33: Then came Ralston’s urbane ultimatum.
a) indecent
b) final
c) refined✅
d) bossy

34: Then came Ralston’s urbane ultimatum.
a) challenges
b) order
c) request
d) final warning

35: The governors would agree to your being adequately pensioned.
a) slowly
b) lowly
c) highly
d) reasonably

36: Ralston answered icily.
a) angrily
b) happily
c) coldly✅
d) joyfully

37: He answered scornfully.
a) joyfully
b) happily
c) foolishly
d) contemptuously

38: He chuckled momentarily.
a) thought
b) considered
c) giggled✅
d) novel

39: He chuckled momentarily.
a) hastily
b) quietly
c) critically
d) temporarily

40: He declined to give way.
a) yield✅
b) leave
c) ignore
d) put off

41: He declined to give way.
a) decided
b) answered
c) thought
d) refused

42: He never did nonsense.
a) stupidity✅
b) noise
c) disturbance
d) irritation

43: He spoke a few scraps of languages.
a) fragments✅
b) words
c) sentences
d) phrases

44: He ran Brookfield to produce snob culture
a) dirty
b) bad
c) good
d) conceited

45: He had been thrilled by it.
a) warned
b) discharged
c) awarded
d) excited

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