2nd Year NotesEnglish class 12th

2nd Year English Ch 13 Good By Mr’s Chips MCQ’s

2nd Year English Important MCQ’s Ch 13 Good By Mr’s Chips

Important MCQ’s Ch 13 Good By Mr’s Chips

1: The first shock, and then the first optimism.
a) dejection
b) idea
c) hope✅
d) pessimism

2: He was like thousands of others, he did not afterwards conceal the fact.
a) reveal
b) hide✅
c) repeat
d) enclose

3: It seemed tragically sensational when the first Old Brookfieldian was killed in action in September.
a) exciting✅
b) boring
c) clarification
d) scene

4: Just old Chips with one of his queer ideas, that’s all.
a) emotional
b) new
c) conservative
d) strange

5: Armies clenched in deadlock from the sea to Switzerland.
a) clasped✅
b) amused
c) terminated
d) stepped

6: Armies clenched in deadlock from the sea to Switzerland.
a) sports
b) standstill✅
c) faced
d) escape

7: Chatteris read out the names of old boys killed together with short biographies.
a) life history✅
c) stories
b) world history
d) poems

8: Towards the close of that catastrophic July, Chatteris talked to Mr. Chips one afternoon at Mrs. Wickett’s.
a) refreshing
b) memorable
c) devastating✅
d) fascinating

9: But now most of them have joined up and the substitutes are pretty dreadful, on the whole.
a) companions
b) alternatives✅
c) student
d) incidents

10: One night last week-silly fool-got hysterical.
a) surprisingly
b) unknowingly
c) mad✅
d) disturbed

11: And get cold shouldered as a slacker on top of everything.
a) shirker✅
b) vigilant
c) watchful
d) hopeful

12: You need not take anything strenuously just a few odd jobs here and there, as you choose.
a) silently
b) casually
c) hopefully
d) vigorously

13: Chips answered breathlessly and with a holy joy in his heat: I’ll come…
a) honestly
b) lovingly
c) eagerly✅
d) smilin

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