1st Year NotesEnglish class 11th

1st Year English Ch 1 Button Button MCQs

1st Year English: Chapter-1 (Button Button) important MCQs

1:Mr. Steward looked embarrassed.
A) nervous✅
B) disappointed
C) angry
d) pleased

2:Norma stared at the small man.
A) Jeered
B) mocked
C) gazed✅
d) hit

3:Norma frowned. She didn’t like his attitude.
A) Hesitated
B) scowled✅
C) liked
D) looked

4:Norma made a scoffing sound.

A) Hash
B) musical
C) mocking✅
D) soft

5:Impulsively Norma dropped the card halves in her purse.
A) Fortunately
B) probably
C) knowingly
D) Instinctively✅

6:She shudders at her own thoughts.
A) Trembles✅
B) wonders
C) tramples
D) ponders

7:Mr Stewards sound had been offensive.

A) inviting
B) Unpleasant✅
C) pleasing
D) Accusing

8:” Oh, yes”. Norma repressed a smile.
A) checked✅
B) showed
C) invited
D) gave

9:Arthur looked incredulous.
A) Authoritative
B) demit
C) doubtful✅
D) sure

10:Arthur stared at her, appalled.
A) Gazed
B) raised
C) excited
D) terrified✅

11:Norma remembered Arthur’s life insurance double indemnity.

A) Compensation✅
B) fine
C) reward
D) Installment

12 “If it is some old Chinese peasant the thousand miles away?
A) worker
B) laborer
C) farmer✅
D) driver

13:Whom do you represent? Demanded Norma.
A) stand for✅
C) criticize
D) delight

14 Arthur’s voice was guarded.
A) coarse
B) careful✅
D) curious

15:The shoveling crowd, Arthur was pushed in front of the train
A) scooping✅
C) running
D) attempting

16:What was the question of Norma that made Mr. Steward Embarrassed?
Who sent this box
B) What is inside box
C) What do you sell?✅
is that box a gift

17:What was the prize reward for the pushing the button?
A) $50,000✅
B) $500
C) $5000
D) $50,0000

18:Where was the key to the bell unit dome?
A) On table
B) Inside sealed Envelop
C) none✅
D) Outside door

19:There was a small man.
A) In city
B) In the hall way✅
C) Outside house
D) In canteen

20:Where did Norma put on the chops?
A) In the kitchen✅
B) In the box
C) In the plate
D) In the broiler

21:The package was lying by.
A) The room
B) The living room
C) The Front Door✅
D) The chair side table

22:In Norma’s opinion, who was the researcher?
A) A company
B) A scientist
C) The government
D) An eccentric millionaire✅

23:What was inside the box?
B) nails
C) screws
D) nothing✅

24:Who will die after pushing he button?
A neighbour
B) A rich man
C) Any one✅
D) No one

25:Norm believed that it was a:
A) Sales pitch✅
B) bargaining
C) trick
D) scheme

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