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1st year English: ch 2 Clearing in the Sky MCQs

1st year English: chapter-2 (Clearing in the Sky) important MCQs

(1) How many children had the old man

(A) three
(B) five✅
(C) four
(D) seven

(2) What did the old man cut with his pocket knife?

(A) Alfalfa✅
(C) Maize
(D) Wheat

(3) The old man wanted to show his son _.
(A) his farm
(B) a patch of clearing✅
his land
(D) river

(4) The day was _.
(A) hot✅
(C) rainy
(D) humid

(5) How many years ago did the doctor advise the old man to take a rest?
(B) thirty
(C) twenty
(D) forty✅

(6) In how many years did the old man improve the land?
(B) forty
(C) thirty✅

(7) Why did the old man hunt for squirrels?
to sell
(B) to cook for the meal✅
to kill
(D) to keep as pets

(8) What type of special tree was found by the old man?
(B) orange
(C) apple
(D) coffee tree✅

(9) The clearing on the top was not more than __.
three acres
(B) two acres
(C) four acres
(D) three-fourth acres✅

(10) The land was fenced by __.
the son
(B) the old man✅
the mother
(D) the brother of the old man

(1) Jess’s father lived to raise a family of five children. ” To raise” here means __.
to feed
(B) to bring up✅
to arouse
(D) to boost up

(2) When he made up his mind to do a thing, he would do it even if he had to __.
(B) crawl✅
(D) stride

(3) The pines on top of the mountain above us looked as if the fingers of their long boughs were __.
(B) piercing
(C) fondling✅

(4) Within the distance of a few __ several paths left the main path and circled around the slope, gradually climbing the mountain.
(B) yards✅
(D) furlongs

(5) Many of the trees were sixty feet tall and the wild __ had matted their tops together.
(A) vines✅
(C) wisps
(D) saplings

(6) According to Jess’s father, when you are past seventy, you feel like, __.
ploughing the land that has not been touched.
(B) being with your family as long as you can.
(C) going back to the places you knew and loved.✅
taking life easy and enjoy the remaining days of your life.

(7) What trees were growing on the top of the mountain?
coffee trees
(B) oak trees
(C) hickories✅

(8) What is the average age of a man according to the Good Book?
50 years
(B) 70 years✅
60 years
(D) 80 years

(9) Where did Jess lose his little plough?
in the bushes
in the grass
(C) in a furrow✅
in a canal

(10) Why did Jess’s father make many paths to the clearing?
to earn money
for fun
for exercise
(D) to test his health✅

(11) The writer had just finished walking __ uphill from his home to his father’s.
two miles
(B) a half mile✅
one mile
a full mile

(12) The writer’s father had gone to eight different doctors from __.
January until March
(B) January until April✅
February until April
January until February

(13) The morning wind was so good to breath in __.
(D) August✅

(14) How many doctors had the old man visited from January until April?
(B) eight✅
(D) six

(15) The writer had been over that point many times with the exception of the __.
last two years
(B) last three years✅
last one year
(D) last five years

(16) While climbing the second steep bluff, the old man stopped __ to wipe the sweat from his eyes.
(A) twice✅
(C) once
(D) four times

(17) One of the doctors had told the old man not to walk the length of a __.
(A) city block✅
a mile
(C) city
(D) a square block

(18) The writer had never seen anything __ upon this high point of the rugged land.
(A) extraordinary✅
(C) familiar
(D) new

(19) In the clearing, the writer did not see a single __.
(A) weed✅
(C) thorn
(D) tree

(20) The rabbits became ripe in the month of __.
(A) June
(B) October✅
(D) September

(21) What did Jess bring for his mother?
(A) a gift
(B) a basket of dishes✅
a basket of fruits
(D) vegetables

(22) The old man made so many paths to know he was __.
(A) getting lost
(B) getting serious
(C) falling ill
(D) getting better✅

(23) The writer could not drive his car because there were________.
(A) many bends
(B) two slips✅
steep mountains
(D) three slips

(24) Jess’s father raised __ of corn to the shock.
(A) a barrel✅
three barrels
(C) 2 barrels
(D) four barrels

(25) The old man let the dirt run between his fingers and said that it was like __.
(A) fertile land
(B) fresh air✅
(D) soft snow

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