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1st year biology Chapter 1 Introduction

1st year biology Chapter 1 Introduction Question an Answers Important

Short and Simple Question an Answer

Q1: What is five kingdom classification system?

Ans: Biologist today have classified and divided all living things into five groups according to their similarities and dissimilarities they call these groups kingdoms.

Q2: What is biological method?
Ans: Biological method is a systemized way to solve biological problems.

Q3: What is an antibiotic?
Ans: An antibiotic is a substance that kills or slows the growth of micro-organisms.

Q4: What do you understand by hydroponics?
Ans: It is the practice of growing plants without soil.

Q5: What is immunization?
Ans: Immunization helps the protection against a particular disease, so that if body comes in a contact.

Q6: Define terpenoids?
Ans: Larger lipids compounds which are made up of simple repeating isoprenoid units are called terpenoids.

Q7: Name the carbohydrates suitable as food for man?
Ans: Glucose, fructose and galactose.

Q8: What is the percentage of water in brain cells of man?
Ans: Brain cells of man contain 85 percent water.

Q9: What is the function of mRNA?

Ans: The messenger RNA takes the genetic message from the nucleus to the ribosomes in the cytoplasm to form a particular protein.

Q10: What is meant by saturated acy glycerol?
Ans: They do not contain any double bond between carbon atom and they are solid at ordinary temperature mostly found in animals.

Q11: What is dextrin?
Ans: The oligosaccharides which contain 3 to 10 monosaccharide are commonly known as dextrin.

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