2nd Year NotesEnglish class 12th

2nd year English Essays: Use and Abuses of Mobile Phones

2nd year English Important Essays: Use and Abuses of Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have now taken the name of smartphones. It means they are smart enough
to do many things for you. If you are bored, pick up your mobile phone and listen to a song,
watch a funny clip or chat with your friends. Mobile phones are widely used to surf the
internet, chatting with friends and family, watch movies, take photographs, play games and
manage daily affairs like classrooms, finance, and shopping. There are hundreds and
thousands of apps for a business and or activity. You can take help from mobile phones in
every field of life.
On the other hand, a mobile phone has some abuses also as we know:
“Excess of everything is bad.

Students make the big misuse of mobile phones. They spoil themselves by indulging in the
pleasures of mobile phones. They are fond of playing games and video clips etc. Certainly,
this is neither appreciable nor desirable. Besides chatting, music, and videos, there are so
many apps which are just a waste of time. Students are attracted to these catchy apps and
spoil their time.
Terrorists can use mobile phones for exploding the planted bombs. This has proved to be a
big abuse of mobile phone. Instead of communication of information, a mobile phone set
becomes a sophisticated weapon in the hands of terrorists. Many precious lives have been
ruined by them. Criminals also use mobile phones to communicate and plan a crime. They
keep in touch with each other all the time and do successful criminal activities because of
mobile phones.
Many youngsters watch porn videos online and offline in s smartphones. They are too
absorbed in fantasy things that they do not care for their health and education. They will
give more time to smartphones.
Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master. (Christian Lous Lange)
Love affairs and likewise deceptions are also due to mobile phones. There is a certain type
of playful guys and girls of social media who hurt the feelings of others. That is why
depression, aggression, and stress are also associated with the use of mobile phones.
Mobile phones have created distances among the people. The people now do not bother to
personally go to see a relative and friend. They just make a phone call and that is all. The
people have no less one-to-one physical interaction. It has significantly changed the
attitude of the people.
We should use mobile phones only when it is needed. We should use mobile phones only
for creative and positive activities. The parents can keep a watch on their children’s phones
and activities. Mobile phones can be a real blessing if we are able to prevent their abuses.

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