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The King and the Spider English Moral Story

The King and the Spider English Moral Story

Story For Average Students

In the realm of Scotland, Robert Bruce ruled with courage. Though a valiant warrior, he faced relentless defeats in battle. Once, cornered and pursued by his foes, he sought refuge in a cave, contemplating surrender. In that very cave, an unexpected sight awaited him—a fallen spider, struggling to return to its web.

Time and again, the spider attempted, only to slip and fall. Nine valiant efforts, nine valiant failures. The king, watching in astonishment, thought the spider would give up. Yet, on the tenth attempt, the spider prevailed. This tiny creature’s relentless determination sparked a flame of hope within the king.

He mused, “If a small spider can achieve through unyielding effort, why should I not?” With renewed resolve, he emerged from the cave, rallied his forces, and waged war against the English. This time, he emerged victorious, securing not only his own freedom but also that of his nation.


  1. “Try, try again”: Perseverance leads to triumph.
  2. Success requires effort and persistence.
  3. Divine help favors those who take initiative.

Story For Brilliant Students

In the annals of Scotland, Robert Bruce reigned as a valiant king. Despite his courage, he faced repeated defeats in battles against his adversaries. In one dire moment, his survival depended on fleeing from relentless pursuers. He sought refuge in a cave, contemplating his future.

Within the cave, an unexpected visitor caught his eye – a determined spider. This arachnid, after falling repeatedly from its cobweb, refused to surrender. It made nine resolute attempts to regain its web, and each time, it met with failure. The king watched, convinced that the spider would quit. Yet, to his astonishment, the spider embarked on its tenth try, and this time, it succeeded.

The king drew inspiration from this tenacious creature. He realized that if a tiny spider could persevere through multiple failures, he too could overcome adversity. With newfound hope, he rallied his forces, confronting the English once more. This time, he emerged victorious, securing freedom for himself and his homeland.


  1. “Try, try again” holds the key to success.
  2. Progress often demands persistence and effort.
  3. Self-help is a powerful force, and God assists those who help themselves.

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