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The Dying Sun (Question Answers, & MCQs)

The Dying Sun (Question Answers, & MCQs)

Solution of Exercise.

Q1: According to the author, who are the boys that fail because they do not try, and can they be helped?
Boys who lack motivation and don’t try can be helped by taking initiative and engaging in positive activities.

Q2: How does mistaken ambition on the part of boys and their parents lead to the failure of the boys?
Parents’ mistaken ambition can lead to boys’ failure by forcing them into subjects or careers they aren’t interested in. Parents should allow children to choose their ambitions freely.

Q3: Who are the students who have done well at school but fail to make their mark at college?
These are bright students who excelled in school without much effort. They assume they can do the same in college without putting in the necessary work, which ultimately leads to their failure.

Q4: How does financial pressure lead to the failure of students described in the lesson, and do you have similar cases in your country?
Ans: Financial pressure can lead to student failure as they must work to support themselves, leaving little time for academics. Similar cases may exist in various countries.

Q5: To what extent does the question of health lead to failure at college, and how can college authorities and medical officers help students in such cases?
Ans: Health, both physical and mental, can significantly contribute to college failure. College authorities and medical officers can help by providing health services and support for students.

Q6: What place does the author accord to sports in colleges?
The author believes sports have a place in colleges as long as they don’t interfere with education.

Q7: Should students who join college just for fun be allowed to stay, according to the author?
Students joining college for fun should reconsider their priorities. They can stay if they show a commitment to education.

Additional Questions Answers

Q1: What are the causes of boys’ failure in college?
: Boys’ failure in college can result from nervous habits, poor health, imposed ambitions, overconfidence, financial stress, sports distractions, and lack of seriousness.

Q2: What is the duty of the college dean in helping boys succeed in college?
: The college dean must identify and address student issues, guiding them to avoid failure due to foolishness, sickness, or inappropriate behavior, ensuring a successful college journey.

Multiple Choice Questions

  1. The boy himself can eradicate his nervous habits. The underlined word means
    A. Hate
    B. Develop
    C. Remove
    D. Start

2. The boy must cultivate a poise that smothers the fidgets. The underlined word means
A. Habit of being idle.
C. Composure
B. Sense
D. Habit of work

3. Medical treatment gives the student enlightenment. The underlined word means
A. Poverty
B. Ignorance
C. Trouble
D. Awareness

  1. He deals in Prussian rugs. The underlined word is a/an
    A. Noun
    B. Proper adjective
    C. Pronoun
    D. Adverb

5. The King fearless and determined moved away. The underlined phrase is a/an
A. Verb
B. Pronoun
C. Adjective
D. None of these

  1. He is junior to me, the underlined word is a/an
    A. Noun
    B. Adjective
    C. Pronoun
    D. Verb

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