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The Dying Sun Notes | 2nd Year English

Questions and Answers: The Dying Sun by Sir James Jeans Notes

Q1: Why do stars seldom find another star near them?

Ans: Stars are scattered in space, often traveling alone due to the immense size of the universe.

Q2: What happened when a wandering star came near the sun, according to Sir James Jeans?

Ans: It raised tides on the sun’s surface, creating disturbances. As it got closer, the tides formed mountains. When it moved away, the tidal pull tore a mountain into pieces, one of which became Earth.

Q3: What happened as the wandering star came nearer and nearer?

Ans: It raised tides, leading to mountain formation, and as it moved away, its tidal pull tore a mountain into pieces, one of which became Earth.

Q4: How did planets come into existence?

Ans: Planets were formed when a star’s tidal forces tore mountains into pieces, some of which became planets like Earth.

Q5: Why is there no life on stars?

Ans: Stars are too hot for life to exist; life requires a suitable temperature, which stars do not have.

Q6: How did life on Earth begin?

Ans: Life likely began with simple organisms capable of reproducing before dying, gradually evolving into more complex life forms, including humans.

Q7: What makes the universe frightening?

Ans: The universe is frightening due to its vast distances, incomprehensible stretches of time, human loneliness, Earth’s smallness, and the lack of signs of life like ours elsewhere.

Q8: What conditions are necessary for life as we know it to exist on other heavenly bodies?

Ans: Life requires water, food, air, and a suitable temperature. Such conditions are rare in the universe.

Additional Q1: How does the Earth compare in size to the universe?

Ans: Earth is tiny compared to the universe, with some stars large enough to hold millions of Earths.

Additional Q2: What are stars and planets?

Ans: Stars are burning particles in space, often traveling alone or in groups. Planets are pieces torn from stars, orbiting them.

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