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Lesson No. 6 The Man Who Was a Hospital

Lesson No. 6The Man Who Was a Hospital (Question Answers, & MCQs)

Solution of Exercise

Q1: How did Jerome K. Jerome come to suspect that his liver was out of order? What were the diseases he thought he was suffering from on reading a book on the treatment of diseases?

Ans: Jerome suspected his liver was out of order after reading a circular about liver pull, which described various symptoms of liver disorder. He believed he had all those symptoms, leading him to suspect liver trouble.

Q2: What was the disease he discovered he didn’t have?

Ans: Jerome discovered that the only disease he didn’t have was “housemaid’s knee.”

Q3: Was he pleased to find he didn’t have it?

Ans: Initially, Jerome felt hurt about not having “housemaid’s knee” as he believed he had all other diseases. However, he eventually came to terms with it.

Q4: What was his first reaction?

Ans: Jerome’s initial reaction was one of disappointment and sadness when he found out that he didn’t have “housemaid’s knee.”

Q5: Why should he be an acquisition to the medical class?

Ans: Jerome believed he would be an acquisition to the medical class because he thought he had all diseases except “housemaid’s knee.” He humorously suggested that medical students could learn about various diseases by examining him.

Q6: Describe his visit to the medical man.

Ans: Jerome visited an old friend who was a doctor and informed him that he believed he had all diseases. The doctor examined him by checking his wrist, hitting him over the chest, and butting him with the side of his head. Afterward, the doctor wrote a prescription.

Q7: He thought he was doing the doctor a good turn by going to him. Why?

Ans: Jerome believed he was doing the doctor a favor by going to him because he thought the doctor could gain valuable experience by examining him, as he believed he had nearly all diseases except “housemaid’s knee.”

Q8: What was the prescription given to him by the doctor?

Ans: The doctor’s prescription included the following instructions: “1 lb. beefsteak every 6 hours, a ten-mile walk every morning, bedtime at 11 sharp every night, and a recommendation not to stuff his head with things he didn’t understand.”

Additional Questions Answers

Q1: “The man who was a hospital “is a fine example of exaggeration. Comment.
Ans: “The man who was a Hospital” is a fine example of humorous exaggeration. The author wishes the reader to have a laugh at his expense. But he was not wholly wrong in concluding that he was suffering from almost all diseases. Quite a large number of diseases have common symptoms and if you read a book on diseases and their symptoms, you will find that you have many of those symptoms. Behind all this fantastic exaggeration is the sound advice don’t stuff your head with things you don’t understand.

Multiple Choice Questions

  1. The writer plodded consciously through the twenty six letters. The underlined word means
    A. Read
    B. Searched
    C. Labored
    D. Visited
  2. Being only a chemist hampers me to help you. The underlined word means
    A. Provokes
    B. Hinders
    C. Gives happiness
    D. Urges
  3. The only malady the writer had not was Housemaid’s Knee. The underlined word can be replaced by
    A. Worry
    B. Happiness
    C. Disease
    D. Joy
  4. Choose the correct spelling.
    A Invideious
    B. Invodious
    C. Invedious
    D. Invidious
  5. Work hard, lest you should fail. The underlined word is a/an
    A. Article
    C. Interjection
    B. Conjunction
    D. Adverb
  6. This is the man who met me yesterday in the market. Theunderlined word is a/an
    A. Noun
    B. Adverb
    C. Subordinate conjunction / Relative pronoun
    D. Adjective
  7. Who was the man talking to you? The underlined word isa/an
    A. Interrogative pronoun

    B. Adverb
    C. Noun
    D. None of these
  8. The birds fly but the fish swim. The underlined word is a/an
    A. Relative pronoun
    B. Correlative conjunction
    C. Subordinate conjunction
    D. Co-ordinate conjunction

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