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Mr. Chips chapter 7 short questions

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Chapter 7 questions answers

Short An Simple questions answers

Q.1. What different memories did Mr. Chips have of Katherine during a twilight at Mrs. Wickett’s?

Ans: During a twilight at Mrs. Wickett’s, Mr. Chips remembered Katherine rushing along a stone corridor, laughing at a mistake in an essay he was marking, playing the cello in a school concert, and offering advice in various situations.

Q.2. What had Katherine always pleaded with Chips regarding the boys?

Ans: Katherine always pleaded with Mr. Chips to forgive the students for their mistakes and give them a chance. She urged him to be understanding but also to warn the students that they would be punished if they repeated their mistakes.

Q.3. Who was Ogilvie?

Ans: Ogilvie was an old choir master at Brookfield School. Mr. Chips remembered him for a humorous incident involving Dunster, who had placed a rat in the organ loft during choir practice.

Q.4. How did Chips justify his strict discipline?

Ans: Mr. Chips defended his strict discipline by emphasizing the need for it. He believed that, for the sake of everyone, strictness was necessary because one “black sheep” could negatively influence others.

Q.5. What kind of musician was Katherine?

Ans: Katherine was a talented musician, particularly skilled in playing the cello. She took on the cello part in a Mozart trio for a school concert.

Q.6. How did Katherine influence Chips in improving his discipline?

Ans: Katherine frequently offered advice to Mr. Chips, which influenced his approach to discipline. She encouraged him to be more lenient when he tended to be too harsh and, in certain cases, advised him to be stricter when he was inclined to be lenient.

Q.7. What did Mr. Chips remember about Dunster and Ogilvie?

Ans: Mr. Chips recalled a humorous incident involving Dunster and Ogilvie. Dunster had placed a rat in the organ loft during choir practice while Ogilvie was conducting. This incident was remembered, even though both Dunster and Ogilvie were no longer around.

Q.8. Why was the old fifth-form room called “the Pit”?

Ans: The reason behind the name “the Pit” for the old fifth-form room had been lost over time. It was likely named so due to its old, musty, dark, and odorous atmosphere.

Q.9. What did Wetherby comment about the Franco-Prussian War of 1870?

Ans: During his preliminary interview, Wetherby commented on the Franco-Prussian War of 1870, suggesting that it looked as though England might need to confront the Prussians in a war of their own one day.

Q.10. Why could Chips not write a book of his memories?

Ans: Mr. Chips could not write a book of his memories because writing was physically and mentally tiring for him. He believed that once his recollections were written down, they lost their charm and flavor.

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